Friday, 9 March 2007

Childrens Birthday Parties

Birthday parties for children pre-filled with bags energy are hard work. With the service provided by, parents now have the luxury of knowing they can find so much help on line to get them through the stress of trying to organise the perfect party. These days you can get cakes made to order, fantstic entertainers and magicians, even your house transformed into a themed wonderland. Very few people choose the traditional jelly and ice-cream party these days. We have tried a number of different things and this year settled on the traditional party. We had helium balloons on ribbons on the table, pink plates and plastic wine glasses with pink cordial in them. Lots of little triangular sandwiches and iced gems, sausages on sticks and cheese and pineapple. The small group of little girls loved it, it was a proper tea party. Afterwards they played pass the parcel and musical bumps, we all enjoyed it.
Of course we have the luxury of knowing 'Mum' will supply great party bags from stock. Our daughter had a good rummage and came up with some very girlie party bags, all pink and cute. Her friends were delighted, it was a huge success this time..Whew!