Monday, 12 November 2007

Haircut 100

I imagine I've had over a hundred haircuts by now, but like so many people, it's an emotional thing, I was only just peeking at Ingenious Rose and seeing how she felt about it all.
A week ago I flipped, I couldn't stand it anymore! Everytime I tried to do any work my hair flopped around my face and I hated it. Ponytails just irritated me in the car because I couldn't loll in the drivers seat and piggy tails get funny comments from the general public. So, I went to visit a very nice lady and asked her to chop the bloody lot off!
Julie was rather nervous and so was I, child No. 3 declared (as only a 4 year old can) that my haircut was stupid. Child No. 1 said I was to stay in the house for a long time for fear of spoiling her social life. Darling Husband likes it very much. And I love it, for the first time, I like my haircut, and no-one has called me Sir yet, even though it's quite short.
I think my fear of haircuts comes from my Mother, oh Shirl trained to be a hairdresser, oy yes, hmmm.
We would choose a nice photo in a magazine and she'd say, I'll do that for you, we don't want to waste money at the hairdressers do we? No Mum, we'd love you to do it, we'd say.....
It was a terrible time, a bowl on our heads to chop round would have looked nicer. Even when we went to the hairdressers, it was always the cheapest cut and I would come out crying because it was so awful.
But this time, Ha! I look very presentable, smart, no grey hairs and I look very, very different. Friends are shocked at how different I look...younger even!!

My Mother, 'Shirl' visited for half an hour last weekend (well it is a five hour drive each way, one mustn't expect too much), and guess what her reaction to my new look was? Not a comment, not a whisper, no mutterings about being a skinhead even from her (Whotcha!) boyfriend..they didn't even notice. Typical.

When she left, a very poignant comment was made.
My cousins' son said very loudly, "I know this may sound like a stupid question, but who were those people?" I sometimes wonder myself.