Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Party Bags

Reading other ladies blogs, I see that there are strong feelings about party bags. Sorry, I don't remember who wrote it, but it was that she really hates doing them, but bowed to the pressure because it was just too scarey not to. I have to confess here, that I always used to refuse to do them! Pretty rich considering I now run a Party Bag Business, I know.
I remember all the children piling in to the local village hall for my daughters' 8th Birthday. At least a third of them came straight over to me and asked to see the party bags. I was furious at their bad manners and appalled that I had to confess I hadn't got any. So the next time there was a party, I bowed to the pressure and produced the obligatory party accessory. I'm sure we all feel the same, we don't want to do them, but everyone seems to these days.
I personally don't like plastic bags and cheap rubbishy toys, I guess I am a party bag snob, but I get sick of them being left on the floor in the car after collecting my children from parties, they just seem pointless. And of course now, I can't get out of doing party bags because it's what I do, but still I get surprised by my clients. I suppose the average party spend of my customers is £5 a bag, it varies between £3 and £8. A lovely lady in Kent phoned me last week saying she didn't want to go too mad, but is happy to spend £18 per bag, I wish she had six children!