Friday, 3 August 2007

Camp Granada

Our holiday was really good, we survived against all odds really.
The hotel near Gatwick was lovely, really clean with a huge room (my sister's was tiny-Ha Ha!). Sophie was so delighted with it, she stripped off all her clothes, flinging them off and wiggling her bottom around. She was so pleased with herself until I mentioned her Captain Tortue top she wanted to wear on the plane in the morning had landed in the toilet.

We got up early and followed my sister and brother in law to the airport, and we met my mother and step-father in the check-in hall. Now, I know older people get into bad habits, but you would think they might have at least brushed their teeth and washed? They're not even that mother is only 62 for goodness sake! Still, we managed to stand well back from them in the queue using our multitude of suitcases as a barrier.
Sophie and Jazzie whizzed around on their Trunki's the whole time, they were such good entertainment, especially when we were delayed by 4 hours.
We got to Egypt and stepped out into an was gorgeous. We hired two taxis to take us to our hotel. We passed lots of fabulous hotels and casinos, and were getting excited (even though the taxi driver drove like a total lunatic and had no lights on..eek).
Then we turn off the main road into a litter strewn street with few lights and lots of armed police hanging around, yes, this was where the hotel was located. My husband and I were not amused, it was scary.
The hotel interior was beautiful, phew! Our room had been freshly decorated, the smell of paint was overwhelming. Dinner was waiting for us so we locked our room, pulled the key out and the entire inside of the lock came with it! We were ready to come home again.
In the morning, the sun was a big fiery ball in the sky, everything was beautiful and we felt as though we were in Camp Granada, it was very beautiful.
We found out the armed police were there because the President/Prime Minister was staying nearby. What luck to be on vacation at the same resort and time as us!