Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday 13th

What's going on today?
The Headmistress was wearing her PJ's and dressing gown in school this morning; smallest daughters' teacher was still wearing hers at 3.30!!
The boys were wearing Welsh Rugby shirts back to front.

Eldest daughter (previously known as the Vampire) persuaded Darling Husband to drive her to school on his tractor.

Davina McCall appears to be a little 'squiffy' presenting Comic relief, I didn't think it was possible to embarrass David Tenant, but it she appears to have managed it. She's an embaressment...

Smiffy was driving my Volvo on TV..I could tell by the bottle that fell out the door.

I found a M&S bouquet of flowers on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.
The nearest M&S was 7 miles from where I found them. A beautiful bouquet of white lilies, roses and nice green stuff (I'm so horticultural).
How did they get there...was there a domestic in a car and they got flung from through a window?
I did consider taking them back and asking for a replacement, half of them had been run over after all. Darling Husband said he'd seen them on the road and considered picking them up for me, but he didn't want to go to too much trouble.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Footwear for Frogs

I'm so excited, I have a new pair of Wellies... ta-da!!
No, they're not purple, they're 'Iris'.
Why is this worthy of a post? Well, I spoke to a fellow blogger on the telephone once, discussing a commercial transaction of the party bag kind. She mentioned her husband referred to me as 'the one in pink wellies', so I need to let you all know I'm a Frog who follows the latest fashion, and I've changed my image - to purple (that's as exciting as life gets these days!)

My Fuchsia Hunter Wellies had been treated to a large amount of biting from my Saddleback Piglets and have sadly passed their best some time ago, but being a frugal frog I have made them last. I scrubbed them in readiness for the Ball, but really felt they weren't going to be good enough and so hunted down a new pair of Hunters (without the aid of horses, hounds or fox fatalities).

I went to a local supplier where the staff were only able to grunt one syllable at a time and gave up pretty quickly valuing the tad of sanity I had left. I came home and once again thanked the Lord for Google. A few clicks and emails et voila! a new pair of Wellies in the desired colour and size arrived the next day! That's what I call service, something rarely seen these days.
I'm a huge stickler for good customer service, I get rather mad with companies whose attitude is bad and I would be bloody furious with myself if my company ever (spare the thought) let a customer down.
This post recalls a particularly humorous episode on the Frog world:Never Work With Animals

Thank you Fitness Footwear!
outdoor shoes

Hunter wellies

Fitness Footwear