Saturday, 3 November 2007

Half Term is Over at last..

It's actually almost over, just one day left to go and I've come to the end of the three weeks of half term, and getting serioiusly closer to insanity than I like to get without copious amounts of alcohol. Living so close to the border of England and Wales means that different schools have different holidays.
Child No.1 had two weeks off and went back last Tuesday, while Child No.2 had all of last week off for half term. Child No.3 had last week off at the Welsh Playgroup and the week before off at the English Playgroup.
We've had Christmas Shopping, Cinema trips, Halloween Parties and Disco's, oh, and various sleepovers here and elsewhere.
Last Saturday I had my three nieces here to make Christmas decorations and my house is still covered in glitter even though I've hoovered a number of times. It's all very well making vacuums that pick up dust and stones, what about glitter?
Tomorrow I have cousins and children arriving to go for an Autumnal walk in Herefordshire searching for chestnuts, will it never end?
I want one whole day without having a Celtic House built and demolished in the garden.
I want a whole day without shuttlecocks getting stuck on the roof.
Just one day without the entire contents of the Airing Cupboard being dragged downstairs to be made into a den.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

What's in a name?

Darling Husband:
"I see 'the Geezer' has put huge rocks outside his gates to stop people driving on his verges, I might get the digger and move them to irritate him"

'Geezer' = our newest neighbour (a mile away, but that's fairly close around here), who hails from Kent. Sounds like 'ALWIGHT?' and 'WOTCHA MATE!'

'Dutchy' = Mr Holland, lives next door to the Geezer. (Once wore shorts every day for 12 months (short, shorts that is) for a bet. How much was the bet?

Darling Husband:
"There's a duck-filled-fatty-puss outside"
Duck-filled-fatty-puss = "Boots" the cat, having swallowed a whole duck that was a little too gamey for our liking. Sunday lunch was a vegetarian affair today.

Darling Husband:
"That's a 'Garlic' driving that tractor, either that or Prince Charles has a 'Case'

'Garlic' = Mr Garlic the farmer.

'Tosser' = tractor drivers (beginning with 'G') that won't pull over for cars to overtake. (Also managing director of Think Courier)

Darling Husband is so awfully eloquent today.