Monday, 21 January 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

It's Monday isn't it?
Can I just say aaaaaaaagrgghhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhhh!
That's better.
Ok, apart from my car having a puncture (oh no..more tyres!), me ripping the pocket on my Driza Bone on the stupid seat lifty upppy handle in MIL's 2-door Fiesta (argghh!!), and number three daughter crying because of her dress, tights, shoes, jumper everything is fine.
Oh, and I forgot, everyone refused to get out of bed.
I threatened to sing, so they all scrambled into bed with Darling Husband.
He didn't want to get up either because it's so windy and wet, so they all elected to stay in bed all day with Dad.

"OK, let me make this QUITE clear you are ALL getting up, you are ALL getting dressed, and I am leaving in half an hour with all of you - UP! NOW!"

A herd of dainty elephants charged the landing and flattened the bathroom door.

Daughter No. 3 cryed becasue we've run out of Cheerios.
Daughter No. 1 wasn't hungry (she usually eats like a very big bellied thing that's very ravenous)
Daughter No. 2 was NOT happy because she hates her school trousers (now she tells me)

Daughter number one has been very unwell and needed a blood test. I didn't inform her of this until we were in the nurses room. She is really terrified of needles and was not going to give blood very easily. This probably stems from her firm belief that she is a vampire, I mean, they don't exactly give it away do they?

MIL was not saying any of the right things to daughter No.1 about blood tests. That's all I'll say. I was extremely stressed and fit to burst.
That and saying 'what?' because she won't wear her hearing aid.

My laptop refused to Boot Up until this afternoon, I can't find the form for No.3's school intake and she's 'moved' paperwork from my desk with quotes on.

Deep breaths, never mind the glass, I'll just take the bottle thanks.