Saturday, 10 October 2009


I'm in quite a grumble this week (mutter), I've had raging toothache, can't sleep, can't eat...whinge moan.
I've been spending the small hours looking through my computer files and deleting anything no longer needed, my busiest time of year begins in two weeks and I feel the need for a clear out.
Amazon is a big outlet for me at Christmas and you may know how it works, you buy something and then leave feedback for the merchant. While clearing out I've looked through my feedback and while most customers are very nice I just wonder what on earth is wrong with people!
This is typical example:
It was hard to judge the size of the telescopes from the picture. A scale would have been helpful.
Look here

Another one:
There not proper microphones
that's right, they are not proper microphones, proper ones costs lots of money and these are pink plastic toy ones costing £1.50!

Here's one I responded to:
wasnt what i expected
Frog reply: So sorry you were not happy with the Tube of Body Glitter, but not sure quite what else you were expecting :D

And this one still puzzles me to this day:
Ok I contacted this seller as I made an incorrect order on one item, and when my order did arrive the part that was incorrect in the 1st place was ok, but the second part of the order which was originally fine was wrong. So I give up.

This is a great one regarding a pull along item:
Delivery was on time and the product was the one ordered. However, I am a bit disappointed with the product as it is not very pratical to carry.

And I think I must have been having a bad day when I read this one, it's not my finest hour in customer courtesy but I did try everything I could and surely they can at least try and get their own address right:
was not delivered - never recieved
Frog reply: We contacted you on 22/12/08 to say the item was returned, Addressee unknown.
You asked for the address we had, we explained that we cut and paste address information to avoid mistakes and asked if you would like a refund or another item, you have not responded since.
You have spelled received wrong too.

You know, the best one I've heard is about an Ebay seller who includes postal charges in the item cost and still got 1 out of 5 for P&P!

*All smelling mistakes are the complainers's all cut and pasted!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cousin Conversation

Gorgeous Nephew: Hey cousin no 1

Swot daughter: Hey cousin no 3

Gorgeous Nephew: Washing the tractor?

Swot daughter: Yep

Gorgeous Nephew: Tractors are cool aren't they?

Swot daughter: Yep

Gorgeous Nephew: Have you got my shirt on?

Swot daughter: Yep

Gorgeous Nephew: Can I have it back?

Swot daughter: No

Gorgeous Nephew: Oh, OK.

Nephew = 23 years old
Daughter = 14 years old
Both daft as brushes!
(by the way, the photo is of my nephew and my youngest daughter not the swot...he is tall but not a giant)