Sunday, 10 February 2008

Raw Emotion

Thank you Omega Mum and Retired and Crazy for this award. So lovely to be thought of by two such entertaining Bloggers.

I've been out of action this week, mulling over my own troubled world and making mountains out of molehills. Well, I am a mother, it's my duty to do so, that and keeping them in clean underwear.
I also had an emotional time seeing my very dear friend get married for the second time. It was fabulous, I made a speech, I cried, couldn't finish what I wanted to say and got a resounding applause for my raw emotion even though Wales had just beaten England in the Rugby and I was introduced as the grooms' English friend. I feared being lynched afterwards but so many people said I did a great job, a Welsh wedding in the valleys on Rugby day can be a scary place to be when you're very obviously English.
I couldn't look at my friend or talk to him for an hour or so, it just made me cry, he's a champion chap, wonderful father, and so totally fab, I love him. He's found the love of his life and she's a fantastic step-mum to my God Sons.
Darling Husband, myself, the bride and groom and our five children retired to the bridal suite for champagne. The girls hid under the wedding dress (it was enormously wide) while the beee-yooo-tiful bride sat delicately on a poooofee, and the boys hid in the wardrobe. The groom and I led on the bed, heads together looking at the photos on his camera, darling husband wandered around, scaring the children occasionally before snuggling in between myself and the groom. We suddenly realised how odd it all looked when the brides' parents walked in and laughed for rather a long time.
I'll stop the sop now, and get back to my normal scathing self next post.