Friday, 18 January 2008


I knew the day would be a stressful one.
As always, I get up early and downlaod emails while I make my first cup of tea (aahh!).
I sat down at my desk and saw 154 emails in my Inbox!
Bloody Hell, my sale must be going well, I thought.
But no, 151 of those emails had been delivered before, for some e-reason I got all sorts os emails re-delivered, some dating back to the middle of December. No rhyme or reason, not the last 154 emails, just a sprinkling here and there.

Computer is also on go-slow, Teenager has been downloading 'music' (I'm getting so not with it), even though express instructions forbid it. 18 bugs/viruses have appeared.

My smallest daughter has taken to modelling my wellies at every opportunity so there's been plenty of mud walked through the kitchen today.

I studied the sky, heard the Thunder (really) and after extracting a littles girls' pair of feet, put on my wellies, a warm jacket, and went outside with a brush and bottle of car wax. I gave the car a good brushing and waited for the rain to wash it all off - the wind changed direction and the sun came out,, bugger it!

Bedtime loomed for the little on, she refused to go to bed.
I threatened to eat all the Jaffa Cakes if she didn't hurry up.
This caused hysterics, foot stamping of Noh Theatre quality and made everyone turn their backs on her so she wouldn't see us laughing.
She proceeded to get an impressive grip on anything she could to prevent being carried upstairs, obviously there's too much spinach in her diet!

Oh, and the best of all, Shirl gave Darling Husband his Christmas Present (cue Sindy voice) "better late than never!"
Now Darling Husband isn't quite as snobby as me about presents, but even he draws the line at musical ties from '99p Stores Ltd' (that's what the label says!)that play Christmas songs. There are ugly gnomes and elves playing guitars on it.
Darling Husband wore it to feed the cattle today.
Whatever next?

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

I think , therefore I am

'Tis Elsie Button who has influenced me to write this post - she said I sound(ed) flash.
hmm, well, I don't think I'm flashy and I don't expose myself to others(i.e. flash), but I do have ideas above my station and I am very snobby about some things, most certainly.
My mother had a pink Jaguar when I was little, my parents always drove Jaguars, and so I naturally wanted one. Mine though, wasn't too flash, quite old and inexpensive to buy. I would fool myself I was cruising sedately, when really it was because the car only did 25mpg. I loved the smell of the leather seats and the purr of the engine. I quite liked the envy in other peoples' eyes, little realising their cars cost far more than mine.
But never fear, this frog is not a posh one.

Here's a few things about me, just so you know:
I'm not Welsh and I don't say "there's lovely!" (although I do live in Wales).
I don't wear gren wellies, oops, or green ones.
My spelling is exclleent
I don't wear a Barbour Jacket
Darling Husband does not wear a flat cap, but he likes moleskin trousers in this weather.
I have a wicked sense of humour and I'm very elephant, I mean eloquent.
I do not have a drinkth prbolem! (hic!)