Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Potty Mummy really is a super Chum! I am one of her biggest fans, I have to say, she is hilarious, so I'm jolly chuffed at this award. I won't gush anymore because my keyboard will short-out on me.

Have I mentioned I've been given an award? It's made this week a whole lot better than last. I couldn't bring myself to Blog much at all last week, I felt far too miserable and wasn't about to inflict it on the Blogosphere and frighten off all those people who read my Blog.
I love reading Blogs, I love reading the comments, often laughing out loud and making my family shout "what?, what is it that's funny?". I feel I have built a relationship with people I have never met, probably never will and I (think) I have made friends who judge me on the nonsense I spout, not on the car I drive or the way I speak. My opinionated rhetoric and snobbishness, love of wine and often use of bad language don't alienate me from these ladies. I have found a place I can be myself, totally at ease (and also never worry if my bum looks big). I love the fact that we all seem to be from ranging socio-economic circles and totally different lifestyles, but still share a fantastic sense of humour and banter. Insults often fly between us and butt in to each others comments boxes and I laugh and smile at all the funny things that are said.
I find myself wondering what some of you are up to if I haven't heard from you for a while. Blogging is socialising with people you want to bother with, I don't have to be on time, I can be wearing Prada or Pyjamas, it's not what matters. I love it.
Did I mention I'd got an award?