Thursday, 16 April 2009

Google - Frugal

I've just been sent some very depressing facts.
The average child costs more than £18,000 before their first birthday and over £27,500 by the age of three....
No wonder I feel a little un-wealthy from time to three girls have cost me, erm, (rubbish at maths) quite a bit already!
But surely that can't be right?
Perhaps my children aren't average..have I been too frugal...
Am I as mean as Shirl?
My eldest can't possibly have cost us that much..we couldn't afford a fridge for six months and nor a telephone until she was four years old.

Apparently Parents-to-be spend an average of £311 on trying to conceive!!!
How can it cost money to, well, you know..I mean one could always pretend there's a power cut and save a bit while, you know...

According to the Baby Budget the costs continue to mount during pregnancy, with parents spending in excess of £4,000, yet Mums-to-be spend an average of £91.11 on maternity wear, including underwear...what else are they buying?
Crikey, second time round Mums will spend more than that on a good strong bra, six sizes bigger than they bought first time round!

Before their baby is born or in the first year, parents spend £3,383 on decorating and furnishing the nursery...
Now look..don't all children sleep with their parents for the first five years whether we like it or not? The only reason you have other bedrooms is so there's somewhere else to go when they wee in your bed or push you out!

Half of the parents surveyed by Gurgle (50%) said that because of the recession they are actively trying to cut costs where they can by implementing a host of cost saving measures such as accepting hand-me-downs from friends and family (48%)
Oh my gosh..imagine the shame! (I thought everyone did that?)

40% are making homemade baby food instead of buying packaged food...
I have to admit buying maybe a dozen boxes of baby rice and four cans of baby pudding in the last 14 years..surely mashing up your dinner is obviously better than tinned food anyway?

A smaller number of respondents are even trying to potty train their children earlier in order to save money on nappies...yes well, speak to my friend Potty Mummy about that one!

Somewhere, there must be thousands of pounds floating about...I must look down the back of the sofa.