Thursday, 31 May 2007

Chicken Pox has arrived again. Sophie has it in style.
Sophie has allergies to Strawberries, Kiwi Fruit and Dairy Products. If she happens to eat one of these ingredients accidently, we know we are in for a night of screaming and of course no sleep. She will get into such a state that she’ll stay awake on pure adrenalin until it’s time for everyone to get up, then she’ll fall into a deep sleep and I wonder if her sisters might be able to drive themselves to the school bus because I don’t think I can cope.
I have spent many a day looking very glamorous, (I’m being sarcastic, of course) and trying so very hard to sound as though I’m totally efficient and in full control of everything when customers telephone me.
The chicken pox is the very worst though, last night I had Sophie in bed with me, so that at least Daddy got some rest. ( I think he just likes sleeping in a pink bunk bed with lots of teddies.) I had to get up at least 10 times to take her to the bathroom or get her a drink. She didn’t actually have a drink or wee when I made the effort to facilitate these desires, so it was even more frustrating. She has spots where I thought it impossible to get them, poor little thing. Daddy took her to the doctor first thing this morning and they gave her the miracle juice better known as Calpol, and now we have to just wait for her to get better. Tell that to a three year old!
So it’s been a very long day. Sophie wanted to go for a walk, but didn’t actually want to walk, she wanted ‘a carry’. I couldn’t walk straight myself, so I got the pushchair from the barn, brushed it off and took her for a walk in that. Fruitcake (my puppy) rode in the pushchair too, they both really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too, the day was glorious, fantastic. I could see the Malverns in one direction and the Black Mountains in the other.
Thinking of opening a new set of crayons to play dot to dot on her...should I be reported?