Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Christmas is sorted

Today we found out about a fantastic new(ish) website.
Now if, like me, your Mother, or other relations are really rubbish at presents because they've forgotten how many children you have, and have failed to factor into account that they actually grow in size and development, this is idiot proof!

It's a website to build your Present Wishlist and then email to those retailphobic relatives. Not only that, but the recipients can then click on each item listed, be taken DIRECTLY to the website and item detailed, and then just click add to basket, credit card number and wayhey! the Christmas Shopping is over!

I have set my eldest to the the task of list building already, and she thinks it's fantastic...high praise indeed.
It's fab, I've started one for me and one each for the children. I shall email one to my husband, print it off and then stick it on his John Deere or Pedigree Bull.

No longer will I have to suffer at Christmas!
Never again will I receive a Terrys Chocolate Orange that's four years (FOUR YEARS!!) out of date from my Mother.
No more chocolates that are all melted and stuck to the celophane, from the Tobacco Warehouse in Belgium.
There will be no small pot of Honey for me this year.
Oh the website, almost forgot in my excitment that this year I will get something that's not from Macro or Poundstretcher, here it is: www.gogoblin.co.uk. I urge all children able to control mice to register, just think, no moaning on Christmas morning, no screaming "I didn't want the pink one!"..ahh bliss!