Thursday, 10 January 2008


My dear e-pal, Potty Mummy has got me thinking about the olden days.
I had a clean car once, without bits of crisps between the seats, bits that the hoover will not quite reach. I could put the stereo on really loud without anyone complaining, have the windows down and sing as much as I wanted to. No-one would whine "I'm too cold" or "stop singing" or "I want Horrid Henry".
I loved my Jaguar, it was gleaming red, leather seats..mmm.
Darling Husband insisted I sell it, too expensive and just plain stupid for running the little one up to Playgroup and back at the village hall, and I was expecting number 2.
I told him I would put the advert in and say what a cruel and heartless man he was.
The advert will say "much loved Jaguar XJS, cruel and heartless man forces sale"

When the phone rang, my husband went into sales mode, yes, nice condition, yes, very reliable, used every, yes, I am.."

He put the phone down, "I can't believe you DID that!!"

I did warn him, it sold the car though.