Saturday, 5 May 2007

Hitting the High Numbers!

It's been a truly exciting time. Frog in the Field ( have been asked to submit a quote for 50,000 party bags!! So we wait with baited ribits to see if we get the contract.

Another big number for me was my 40th Birthday. I dreaded it and still feel a bit grumpy about being that old. The day was lovely though, we had big cuddles from the girls in bed first thing in the morning, champagne in the evening and my lovely husband gave me some diamond earrings..perfect! I also discovered what my children had given me a few days later...head lice! Fantastic!

The spring weather is glorious and we're all feeling pretty good. My husband even took some time off work for us to go to the seaside as a family. We did regret it though, after he filled my car up with petrol. We were all sat there in the fuel station packed to the roof with buckets, spare clothes and a huge picnic. We took a quick glance at the map before pulling out of the station and the car spluttered into silence. The girls wailed, Daddy ranted, and I made a few phone calls to customers while the chaos ensued. The local Volvo dealer arrived and towed our car away leaving us stood on the pavement with three huffy children and a distinct impression that we were not going to see the sea that day. We walked to the Volvo garage and sat quietly while my husband ranted at the mechanic, shouting about how much money I'd spent with them last year on replacing things that didn't need replacing and how he got his friend to fix the car because they couldn't find the fault (all true). He also stated that of course he didn't fill it with petrol, did they think he was stupid? He's been filling up diesels for years. But when we got home, thanks to my sister having an enormous vehicle, we were met with the message that my diesel Volvo was indeed full of petrol and would have to be drained and repaired. So,when I got to the garage to pick up the car, I felt like a pelican, there was a big bill in front of me! We did get to the beach two days later. The tide was coming in over the sand just as we got there, but we did have a good day, it has to be said. So hitting the high numbers has been the thing just lately, I'd like a bit of small change for a bit though I think!