Saturday, 25 August 2007

I've got that Sunday Morning feeling and it's only Saturday

It's been a long week, but somehow I'm not sure what's been going on or why?
I think most of it has revolved around washing endless pairs of pink pants (darling husband will just have to change his ways) and trying to search for bits of school uniform that is still ok.
I'm putting off shopping for shoes, I know I need to buy 8 pairs of shoes/trainers for the girls and I could certainly do with some new ones.
I am also putting off going to the school shop. Daughter number 1 has a habit of losing bits and pieces, mobile phones, especially expensive bits of uniform. Sometimes it appears the day after I've bought a replacement and the total denials and incredulous surprise that flows from her is pretty impressive.
I think I'm trying to leave it all because trying to get my head around three completely different sets of things is tricky. I have one in Nursery, one in Primary and one in Senior School. I also sigh at the huge cost of school fees, but then see how much our daughter gets from it all and know it's worth it.
Really I think I just need a good nights sleep and a whole day without cooking, washing (clothes, not me)and My Chemical Romance. I might just pour myself a large Pimms and go and tickle my pigs.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

I-Spy with my little eye

This morning began with Fruitcake and Jess barking at the heiffers in the field next to our garden. They stood munching and chewing cud steadily, taking no notice of the ridiculous dogs whatsoever.
Jasmine and Sophie had come into our bed for their morning cuddle and the obligatory game of I-Spy.

Me: I spy with my little eye something beginning with W

Daddy: window?
Jasmine: web?
no (grr!)
Sophie: Spider?

peels of laughter

I spy with my lickle eye something ginnin with six

Jasmine: sixteen?
Sophie: no Jasmine, that's a number!