Friday, 26 October 2007

Father of the Bride

Whew! What a week!
Darling Husband was (acting)father of the bride last Friday.
It was fantastic, we had the wedding outside in beautiful gardens, in a small Cotswold village.
Darling husband, the girls and I all met up with the Groom (my cousin)and other family members in an old Inn that once belonged to my Great-Grandfather for 50 years.
Darling Husband had to change into his Hire Suit at the Inn. He didn't like the look of the small loo and so got his kit off in the car park! This merely confirmed to my relatives that I am in fact married to a maniac.
He greeted the Bride and walked her up the grassy aisle, and made a fantastic speech, toasting to the Bride and Groom with cider (at their request, they dislike champagne). It was all very different. The only trouble was Darling Husband isn't used to cider and had to retire for the evening at 8pm owing to over-indulgence of the said apple juice. Many attempts were made through the evening by my mother (Shirl), sister, uncle Frank, cousin Paul and all the children roaring in and out of our suite, to wake him up and get him back into the party but he stayed put. He has no recollection of going to bed or the many visits.
The next morning I put his hire suit into the back of the Grooms' Mercedes. Myself, the Groom and his brother all looked in did Darling Husband take his waistcoat off with out undoing the buttons?
"He's like bloody Houdini" said the Groom