Friday, 12 March 2010


Now you know I'm not an Asda girl generally but one must always make exceptions and I shall travel the 20 miles to my nearest store next week.
I hear one can get their mortgage paid off for a year...yep, definitely worth the exception.
The big softies from Andrex say they want to alleviate some of the financial woes people are facing and give families some extra money allowing them to spend more time together. Andrex is giving people the chance to win rent or mortgage payments for a year up to the value of £12,000!!
(Also there is the advantage of clean bottoms)

Step1 - Buy your special promotional pack of Andrex from ASDA stores from the 15th of March (for one week only).

Step.2 - Go to and sign up

Step 3 - Enter the code on the inside of pack and you will qualify for one free entry into the competition

I shall have to work on my tessellation skills and see how many rolls I can fit in the spare room, I am determined to win!