Saturday, 19 September 2009

Talk like a Pirate Day

Today is talk like a pirate day, I feel like a that has scurvy and has been keel-hauled.
This week the youngest scrumplet was 6...^!!!!
Where does the time go?
On Tuesday she had some school friends home for tea and a bounce on the bouncy castle. It was lovely and they were all very good. We got the teenager boy from along the road to come over and read them all Charlie and Lola and The Tiger Who Came to Tea, they loved it. He tried to pretend he hated doing it but he kept smiling at them all and ended up with most of them snuggled up next to him while he read.
Then last night we had 'the family' tea party.
29 including three gatecrashers (very nice ones).
I cooked a huge pot of chilli, a large saucepan of curry, tons of baked potatoes and rice and made up copious amounts of Pimms, it was all very fab!
There's a bit of bread & cheese left and lots of empties and crumbs, but that's about it.
We played pass-the-parcel...always a favourite.
My sister repeatedly complained about the crunchiness of the baked potatoes, I complained about the children using clean glasses every time they had another drink; ten children, around five drinks each, that's a lot of glasses to wash. My brother in law complained when he fell head first, upside down from darling husbands' inverter/back stretcher thingy. Quite a thumping noise he made too! We all rushed to laugh at him and then continued with the revelry. Later on another brother in law snuck into our sitting room and had a go on the back inverter. He too, went completely upside down and then crashed to the floor loudly head first. Not to be outdone, my eldest sister in law (who is a nurse and really should know better)had a go, Thankfully without mishap.
I got the cake ready with candles, 6 on one side and a pile on the other (it was a joint party between my youngest and yet another sister in law).
I was flagging, exhausted from a long day watching our lady that does clean the house, but even that's no excuse for putting one of the candles in upside down with the plastic holder sticking up. It was noticed by all except me and put right before the match got too close, and so a major catastrophe was avoided.
Pudding followed, chocolate slices, lemon sauce pudding and jelly bunnies.
Hmm, the jelly bunnies made by the teenager were a little sloppy...the bunnies did in fact looked more like roadkill than cute bunnies, but the little people didn't seem to mind (Thankfully).

And so today I'm particularly tired, a slightly jaded little frog in fact.
Saddened because my truly lovely friend has just reversed her car into my executive office facility (sob!) but delighted and proud because darling daughter has won another competition netting £400 for her Primary School, how fab is that? How handy having a sausage expert when I have a number of rare breed piggies just looking the right size for eating! (Apologies if you're vegetarian)
If we ever manage to catch the damn things, that've not had free range meat until you've had it from us lawn has been snuffled for truffles, my office has snout prints on it, one of them even pulled a pink dressing gown off the washing line onto it's back the other day and then led down and went to sleep still 'wearing' it!