Saturday, 18 July 2009


Our household cavalry cannot get into the small peeps bedroom for 'important things' placed carefully at the lowest level (chucked all over the floor).
I have threatened but obviously never hit the mark.
Yesterday I was a fearless frog - I took the black bags in.

And here's the epiphany...
One should never lift the rug in your child's bedroom.
Never should one move that enormous soft toy receptacle in the corner.

If a child doesn't have enough pencil crayons to last them and all their friends their entire lives by the time they are ten years old, they have sadly been the victim of a serious house fire or other similar serious calamity.

Those jigsaw puzzles given by loving relatives are all mixed up into a haze that can never be cleared.

Have you lost your daughters hair band?
I have it here...wedged between the bedroom floorboards, along with every bead you've ever bought a child,ever.

Oh and never let your teenager move their own wardrobes while painting their room lime green, purple and silver (I kid you not). the vacuum a hairband box (until school starts)
wardrobes..outside in bits (twitch!)