Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Permanent Party

OK we're still recovering from all the Parties (I'm with you Grit).
The first gathering pre-Christmas was with a namesake family (Frog is such a popular name in Wales). They came with only three of their children, The two eldest ate and then disappeared to a bedroom to gossip, the middle two made dens and played hide and seek (mainly in my airing cupcoard, and the two small ones dismantled the bottom bunk and were sliding down the mattress like a ramp.
Oh the joy I felt, knowing my lady that does had only been in that very day to transform our home into civilisation - how quickly it was demolished.
The taller people stayed downstairs and played hilarious games.

Shirl came the next day for Sunday Lunch..I'd rather not talk about it.

Then we had friends over for a whole day, in fact they stayed until the next morning. We played hilarious games and spent much of the day speaking in Gavin and Stacey language and ordering Gnocchi...I think you probably had to be there.

Ah, then my wonderful friend, beautiful wife, and Godsons arrived.
We served leftovers..a rib of Aberdeen Angus (home produced), a joint of free range rare breed pork (home produced), free range turkey (from friends along the road), bread (home made) cheese, salad and was terrific!
We played hilarious games and laughed till we cried, it was brill.

Our lovely friends phoned and said their student daughter was having a wild party so we could cook them dinner at our house and have the pleasure of their company. We were very excited, we have so many nice friends and always have brilliant fun, but these two make us laugh so much.
He went to a girls school (no, really) and was a house husband when the children were younger. His voice is very deep and manly so it's quite hard to imagine.
She gives presentations to very important people on Alternative Energy, and has 40 staff, she's very focused and quite high powered.
But...when they come to our house she turns into a giggle monster (a lovely one, I have to say) and he just smiles and talks and laughs and is quite frankly the perfect dinner guest.
And so, we ate lots and drank wine and talked about 'stuff'.
Our lady friend confessed once how, when she feels down and stressed at work, she reads the accident book to cheer herself up. There's some great ones in there.."Walked into a filing cabinet" for instance.
We laughed and laughed and with the aid of paper and pencils and played funny games until we told them they had to go because my stomach and sides hurt so badly. I had tears rolling down my cheeks and was coughing and spluttering with laughter.
They made like Elvis (and left the building) was exceptionally cold, ice everywhere. Darling Husband could be heard howling with laughter and staggering around holding his stomach.
Our friends had walked outside and on seeing the ice 'she' (lovely person) proceeded to scrape the ice off our car instead of theirs by mistake!!
I just can't tell you how funny it was.
I want you all to know I hurt all the next day too.

And finally, our eldest daughter celebrated her 14th Birthday (OHMYGOD!!).
We had a few friends and relations round for a tea party (it's beginning to feel like Bloody Winnie the Pooh stories..I need a Hundred Acre kitchen).
All the children aged between 5 and 56 played pass the parcel, with much cheating and pouting.
The children aged between 5 and 23 played musical statues and musical bumps.
I cooked tons of food, which soon disappeared and put the dishwasher on three times during the evening!!
Then we got the paper and pencils out for more nonsense games.

We are well and truly partied out at Camp Frog, and by golly we've had such a good time!