Thursday, 20 March 2008


It's my Birthday.
I'm having a tea party tonight, as is the tradition in Darling Husband's family. There will be my adorable Godson, my champion friend (the one at whose wedding I cried recently..sniff!), my great friend Charlie (wonderful) and my lovely in-laws (no, really).

Here's two entertaining true stories, no I don't make them up...who says living out in the sticks is boring?

Jazz, middle daughter arrived home and announced that Sam Bevan wasn't in school today. "His sister came into the class and told teacher that Sam wouldn't be in because he'd been bitten by a goose and didn't feel well"

No sympathy was shown by anyone, the whole class including the teacher dissolved into hysterics, as did we when we heard the story.

Here's a true story from my niece who studies at Cardiff Uni:
Her friend Tom got a call in the middle of the night.
"Quick!! TOM!!, I've caught the leprechaun, come quick!!"

Tom: "you've what?"

"Quick, I've caught him and I don't know what to do with him. He can't get away, I've locked him in the cupboard, it's the Leprechaun, I've caught him, QUICKK!"

Tom drove to his friends place, just in case.

His friend was curled up on the kitchen floor, asleep and somewhat intoxicated, front door unlocked.
There was a chair wedged against the cupboard door, preventing it from being opened.
Tom moved the chair and opened the cupboard.
Inside was a very vertically challenged man, also intoxicated.
As DM would say OHMYGOD!!!

There is a moral there somewhere I'm sure.