Sunday, 17 February 2008

Spring Time

I have the huge pleasure of receiving another award!! Gosh how marvellous! Thank you so much Gone Back South.

That and I've won a Handheld PDA (whatever that is) for my Christmas Horror Story about the escaping hamster.
But I've been in no mood to really appreciate any of these nice things, I've had cold in by dose, my chest hurts, my back hurts and I've been very unwell. I think it was flu because I really haven't done a thing, haven't blogged much at all and have done very little work.
I did have a major problem in that I lost my voice. It didn't really matter here, I just stayed in bed and ignored everyone. I did though, take my business phone with me...stupidly. It hadn't occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to actually answer it. Oh, and of course I had two excellent enquiries by phone. My clients must have been simply bowled over by my whispering husky voice! I probably made the sales through pity!
I've got nothing too exciting to say apart from my world record attempt at use of Kleenex and painkillers, so I'll tell you a (nother true) story that Darling Husband told me.
My brother in law 'lambs' around a thousand ewes (looks after girl sheep having babies) every Spring, and he does this on his own. So we don't actually see much of him for a month or so, he's on call 24/7 and is permanently exhausted beyond belief.
If there is a sudden drop in air pressure/ change in the weather (how likey is that?) a whole bunch of the woolly things go into labour, and he nurses every lamb that others would give up on. He puts a mark on every lamb with a special sheep mark (red paint) and then some creosote smelling dot to keep the foxes and big cats away (yes, we have them around). Sometimes he's bottle feeding 30 tiddlers (orphans or rejected ones) during the day and night as well as coping with the lambing and feeding of each and every one.
So Darling Husband went to see his brother, and there he was with a Ewe looking really worried. "Look at her, her face was all red yesterday. Her mouth was all red, eyes running, off her's Blue Tongue #*!!#*"
Darling Husband had a look.
Brother in Law went on "I've given her Penicillin, her eye is better but look at her, she's not right"
Darling Husband noticed the Ewe scoffing as much as possible, positively thriving on being segregated from the flock. He came home, laughing.
He had sheep mark on his hands, and had noticed his brother in law had some on his face...the stupid thing (sheep) had had her head in the sheep mark bucket and eaten some and got it all over her head. No wonder she was off-colour so to speak.
Brother in law wasn't easily convinced, he's so tired, bless him.