Friday, 6 July 2007

Just Stuff

It's the last day of term at HMSG...Hurray!!
No more getting up at 6am, nagging for an hour about brushing hair and getting dressed (and that's just talking to myself) and then having to miraculously produce something very important for a particular lesson when we are a minute late already!

Fun Day has been and gone at the local Primary, I have successfully managed to throw out all the rubbish my children bought without them suspecting a thing (i.e nice ornaments glued back together for only 10p...lovely).

This morning daughter No. 1 did forget her teachers' presents (just nice coffee mugs £2 from Waitrose, none of this extravagant nonsense...we'd be bankrupt with three children) and so I had to journey into town and drop them off at Reception. I always feel terribly humbled driving up the drive to school, some parents have Bentleys, and because my Volvo is in the garage I was having to drive (oh, I'm so ashamed)a Ford Fiesta belonging to my Mother-in-Law.
The journey is really very beautiful, I have to drive past two castles,( one inhabited) over the river and through lush canopies of trees, quite wonderful.
And even though I was in the dodgem, the Reception Ladies were impeccibly polite, and I saw no other parents...whew!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

92% of men

My niece has informed me that it is a fact (must be true, she is at University) that if left alone in a room with a tea-cosy. 92% of men will put it on their head.
It's a scary fact; of course my husband puts everything on his head, he was clearing out our utility room when he came across a hand-knitted pink striped hat that was given to our daughter by a kindly, elderly aunt. It had a very large, badly attached pom-pom on the top.
It was a hat with no aesthetic qualities.
Darling husband put it on.
The postman arrived.
I watched from the upstairs window as my absent minded husband greeted the postman, failing to register the look on horror on his face as an unspoken signal that screamed "Christ mate, what the hell have you got on your head?".
I knocked on the window and pointed at my head (I couldn't speak for laughing).
"What?" was the angry shout from Darling husband.
I did it again, and he put his hand up to his head, discovering the forgotten hat.
He swore loudly.......

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Christmas Dinner

We attended a Christmas celebration last night, it was great.
We had roast turkey and chestnut stuffing, Christmas Pudding and brandy sauce, we even sang a bit. It was a mainly family affair with a few extra friends and aquaintances, but as my husband is one of seven, you can imagine it was quite a crowd.
Illness prevented my sister-in-law from being home for our usual festivities. She's just recovered from near death and so we thought she deserved her missed Christmas dinner. It was also my nephew's 21st Birthday, it was brilliant.
The smallest cousins roared around constantly, they had a great time. We all wore Christmassy Clothes and accessories, there was even an attempt at a Christmas tree.
I'd already been swigging champagne in the afternoon with my sister to welcome her into her new home, so I decided to sit quietly and not drink in the evening.
I took my plate of dinner to the far end of the room to sit by a brother-in-law. He gave me his chair and got another one for himself. How polite...I sat on the chair and it feel to bits beneath me, lurching me sideways onto the floor! My mother-in-law frowned, family members gave me a standing ovation. My husband roared with laughter and the evening was full of over weight jibes in my direction. My Diet starts Monday.