Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Hope for drivers

My next door neighbour just phoned.
She lives about half a mile away across the fields, their enormous beautiful house is at the bottom of a long fabulous smooth tarmac drive.
She went outside into the farmyard yesterday to get in the Landrover and collect the children from school, which was closing early.

She discovered the stock box was attached and so requested her husband remove it.
"Why don't you take your car?" he said
"Because it won't get up the drive in the snow" she said
"Of course it will" he said
"Fine, if you think it'll get up there, you drive it" she said

Her husband got in the car.
She went back into her house.

Minutes later she heard sounds she could only liken to a hedge trimmer and could smell clutch burning.
On closer inspection she could see from the tyre marks that her husband had zig-zagged most of the way up the drive but couldn't quite get to the top.
He was stuck and not happy.
He offered to push her in the car if she got in to steer.

He got out.
She got in.
He pushed and got the car nowhere.
He admitted defeat, walked down the drive, unhooked the stock box and drove the Landrover straight up the drive and went to get the children.
She went back into the house.

When husband returned he asked:
"Have you tried to move your car"
She replied "No"
"Did you leave it in gear?"
Him..."ah, well it's now down the bottom of the field resting against the fence"

But the weird thing is...

Half way down the field is a telegraph pole.
The tyre marks of the getaway car show the car careered towards the telegraph pole and circumnavigated round it before continuing on it's crash course against the fence!!
I bet she couldn't have done that if she'd been steering!
What are the chances of that?

And the car?
broken bumper, nothing more!