Thursday, 18 June 2009

Another Day another caterpillar

It's been a very long day..sigh.
I was woken by the teenager asking me to wash her socks, oh joy!
Darling Husband pulled the quilt off me, because I was annoying him looking so snuggled up and cosy...sigh.

I gave sock washing instructions which I discovered were followed to the letter...apart from the actual sock bit, they were no-where to be seen. You know sometimes I think I'm wasting my money on her education!

I dried the socks with the hairdryer, cooked scrambled eggs and baked beans, persuaded the younger two to get their uniforms on and took them up to the bus stop.
"Why do boys have willies, Mummy?" ...sigh...

Me: 'OOh, look, there's bus!'

I came in to the kitchen and made a cup of tea.
Read a ton of emails
Emptied the dishwasher and re-stacked it
Made a loaf of Bread
Fed 28 pigs and carried 10 buckets of water
Put the washing out
Filled the washing machine
Cooked sausages and peeled potatoes
Answered emails
Made Chelsea Buns and Danish Pastries
Put the washing out
Filled the washing machine
Found something for tea out the freezer
Answered emails
Put the washing out
Filled the washing machine (Isn't life terribly exciting some days?)

'Yes of course I can dispatch that today!' (heck I'm starting the school run in ten minutes!
I was terribly brave and followed instructions to go into Somerfield (OHMYGOD!!)and buy their bargain of the day Daz soap powder (we use a ton a day, I'm sure).
I paid a bill
Sent the enormous parcel
Collected teenager from posh school
Came home to find Darling Husband asleep on the sofa..grrr!
Put tea on to cook
worked on my NVQ
Put tea out
Uttered the immortal words..."Darling sit down and take your snorkel off at the table" (No, I'm not kidding)
Worked on my NVQ
Bathed the girls
Fed 28 Pigs and carried 10 buckets of water
Oh..I forgot to mention,
my new boots, did you know I have new Berghaus boots ?
Hmm, well, my lovely new boots were outside the back door where all boots should be.
I picked them up, shook them and bashed them delicately against the wall to loosen any dust or foreign objects that might have found their way in.
All dust out...
Foot in!
Gosh what's that green sticky stuff on my sock and more importantly in my new boot???
A very squished caterpillar...euck!!
yuck...a very long day indeed.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Evolution of the Frog

So here at Frog Towers there have been some equipment updates and changes made in an attempt to cope with an increase in business, piglet population and hot weather.

So it's time to say goodbye to my purple wellies, it's just too hot for them so I have scrubbed them clean of 'organic matter' and put them neatly away until the Autumn.
My old purple walking boots have fallen to bits and so I thought I'd better have a good look for hiking shoes to take their place, not an easy task when you really do have feet like a frog (wider than they are long).
I must have the most awkward feet, really, I do....and... I suffer with all sorts of yuck foot-type ailments, so good shoes are very high on my list of priorities.
As usual, hurrah!! for the internet. three or four clicks and tada!! the postie Dude (as he affectionately called by the younger people in our house) delivers the very next day.

I am donning my few day old Berghaus Explorers perfectly suited to our rough terrain and occasional inclement weather (the only trouble is they're so comfortable I can't take them off). Darling Husband is asking if I shall be wearing them when I go to bed...he's just jealous!

I must say I was a tad concerned when Darling Husband read the info: " Berghaus boots
engineered from the inside out!...Ha! You'll never get the laces done up!"
But the laces are indeed on the outside and I managed them just fine!
They are not only perfectly grippy and comfortable walking across the 100 acres that is camp Frog, they are just lovely for wearing all day long, really light but really strong all at once..very clever.
.... useful for the speedy way I gracefully run to my executive storage facility and back to my desk. in all the right places and no diggy-inny bits anywhere around my ankles.
Gosh I shall be the talk of the pig pen!
Oh how I shall walk to the school bus now... I there yet?