Friday, 12 October 2007


I've been given an Award by the lovely Elsie Button.
It's for making her smile! Thank you so much Ms Button!
I first thought I was seeing things last night when I read her Blog, too much Chardonnay, I thought. I did a double take and then went all emotional, somebody likes my stuff!
I'm totally used to people laughing at me. I've never managed to chair a PTFA meeting or attend a Friends meeting without somebody bursting into laughter. I come home and quietly say to Darling Husband "they keep laughing at me".
"That's because you're ridiculous" he says lovingly.

When I write my blog, I often laugh at what I've written, I know how I would say it all, but wonder if it can be funny for anyone else.

My award has made me smile a great deal and helped me through my good deed today. I should like to dedicate it to the gentleman I found this morning on the roadside, his beautiful Volvo had been squashed by a huge trailer full of potatoes (probably destined for Asda or Tesco).
He was in tears, furious and suffering from shock. It was so upsetting to see it in a man I have known for many years, a man so formidable and regimented, to see him lose his composure was horrid. In the rush for other vehicles to get by someone had driven and knocked his shoulder, another had ran over his foot. There was relief when I offered to stay with him, all offenders left rapidly and I stayed with him for an hour, just talking and being there when his anger overcame him again. I called the Police and waited for the recovery vehicle, making sure the gentleman in question would be able to escort his battered car to the garage. A Hire car awaited him, the insurance company notified, he was shaken but physically OK.
He gave me a hug and peck on the cheek before I left, I think I helped him, he gave me a very warm and sincere smile as I drove away.
I came home, feeling how unfair old age is and how awful to have to go home to an empty house. It must be difficult.
I told Darling husband all about it.
As usual he put it all into perspective:
"It's a good job you stopped and talked him into calming down, I would have just told the old bugger to stop being so bloody stupid"
He's mean, but it did sound funny and did make me smile, again.


david mcmahon said...

Isn't it great the way spouses put things into perspective!!

Love the tone of your blog ....

Tattie Weasle said...

Why is it that Dear Charlies' persepective seems so much more sensinble than mine??? I put it down to his prosaic nature and my romantic one - he just looks at me as if I'm mad!
Exhausted now after hab=ving three year old nad baby for lunch then going for a kids birthday party and looking aft4er a freinds daughter as well as my two while Dear Charlie and all the other Dad's discussed the Rugby... I adre not watch 'cos every time I do they'll know who to blame then!!!!

Suffolkmum said...

That poor man. I know what you mean - awful to see a 'grown up' break down - makes you feel about 12 again. How nice of you to stay with him. I'm often ridiculous in meetings too. Well done on the award!

Frog in the Field said...

Thanks for visiting David, and thanks for your kind comments.

My dear Tattie, you sound sloshed!!
You didn't even offer me a glass - typical!

Thanks Suffolk Mum, I've just had some fresias delivered as a thanks, very nice reward.