Saturday, 6 October 2007

Moving On

Shirl is has put her house on the market, complete with the original feature of blue downstairs loo.
It was an emotional moment when she broke the news. I had recently asked if I could have first option on the house.

"What will you do with it?" she asked

"Flatten it" I replied (I'd love to put a Huf Haus up there)

So I didn't get first refusal, and I sincerely hope that no-one we know will arrive on our doorstep telling us they've just viewed my Mother's house.

Shirl doesn't live there, and has made it her project this year to do a 'make-over'.
Her boyfriend (Wotcha!) has been helping.

The oak flooring that was going to cover the entire downstairs appeared in the form of end of line clip laminate flooring from Macro.
Apart from the fact it looks awful, it sinks when you walk on it.
The edging strips have been laid on top of the floor, next to the old skirting, how can I put this, it's not a flush fit.

The new bathroom suite (white!!!) is already in disrepair ("it was a really good deal"), and the new fitted kitchen is still covered in pvc.

My sister lived there for six weeks in between houses and was not allowed to remove the plastic from the cupboards or indeed the draining board!

My old bedroom curtains are still up and Shirl has painted over the footprint stickers I put up the wall 25 years ago.

It's so bad it's funny, but I'm so ashamed...what if people think I helped her do it? I just don't think I could cope with that sort of gossip.

My original suggestion of a freestanding bath in front of the window would have been beautiful, the hill drops down in front of the house and you have uninterupted views of at least 10 miles.
What has she done?
Ah, well there's a lovely upvc FROSTED (!!) window in the bathroom with the bath tucked against the wall in case you can see through the window at night when the light is on...
I'm telling you, if they have telescopes that strong in Wales, they certainly aren't going to bother carrying them up the mountains to look at my mother in the bath through a frosted window.

Will I become like this?
Pour me a double...


Potty Mummy said...

Would love to say you won't become like that. But when my mother whitters on about nothing for 5 minutes, needing only the occassional 'yes', 'quite right', 'gosh, I never knew', and 'you really shouldn't have to put up with that' for encouragement, I think back to her complaints about her mothers phone calls.
So yes, we will probably all turn into our mothers eventually...
Make mine a triple.

IngeniousRose said...

Oh Darling Frog, you sell it so well!!

Suffolkmum said...

I fear I've already turned into my Mother .... lovely funny post.