Thursday, 20 December 2007

Feeling Festive - another true stroy

It's a fabulous crisp and sunny morning here in Monmouthshire.
The robin has been flying around my utility room and Radio 2 has sounded very festive. I've packed my last Christmas order.
I'm happy but exhausted, and feeling more in the Christmas spirit, even though I've forgotten to send Christmas Cards to my lovely relatives and friends in exotic places.
That means no invites to the sun next year - bugger!
In my state of exhaustion, I'm a bit more dippy than usual. The Milkman drove down the lane as I was walking daughter no2 up to meet the school bus. "Are you going to be long?" he said as he drove past.
"No, put the kettle on"

On walking back into my kitchen, Darling Husband and the Milkman were chatting.
Me: "I bet you didn't recognise me with my clothes on this morning?"
Milkman: lots of spluttering
Darling Husband: huge laughter

I realised immediately, as of course even the most stupid person would (which I suppose I am this morning), what I had said and how it sounded.

I must explain, on Tuesday morning I got up early, it was still dark, and I decided to go outside and bring some logs in for the fire and then go and feed my gorgeous pregnant pigs (only two weeks until piglets!!). I didn't want to disturb anyone in the house by putting lights on to find clothes, so in the bathroom, I found Darling husbands jeans and thick jumpers. I pulled those on and went outside. The milkman arrived early. He stopped and said loudly "what the hell do you look like?".

So that's why I asked if he recognised me in my clothes...whew! Thank goodness my mother-in-law wasn't in the house.

And one more true story, if I've already told it, then, I guess I'm repeating myself!

We really felt the Christmas spirit last year, after all, isn't that really what it's all about? We saw a neighbour, wandering around in the Supermarket on Christmas Eve, with a box of cereals in a basket and looking pale and terrified. He was late picking up the turkey they had pre-ordered and the shop had sold it. He was concerned for Christmas Day, his three young children, his marriage and life as he knew it if he went home without something for their Christmas lunch. The shops were closing in 10 minutes. We told him to go to our house and get our turkey from the fridge, and we ate with my Mother-in-Law instead. We felt like Heroes, it was a nice feeling.

And with that I'm retiring for the Christmas holiday. Hoping to consume smooth red wine, lots of fizz and relax.
Merry Christmas, enjoy your few days without getting too stressed.
Frog in the frozen fields!


Potty Mummy said...

Merry Christmas Frog; now don't go getting lost when you hang out the laundry in your 100 acre garden, will you? (Mutter, mutter). Thanks for the e-mail, by the way!

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely thing to do. Very festive spirited. Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2008.

Crystal xx

dulwichmum said...

Don't get too cold lovely Frog,

We are off down the M4 first thing in the morning, I am looking forward to getting back into full swing in the new year. Thanks for being a great blogging friend for the last year. Happy New Year