Saturday, 19 April 2008

Surprise, surprise!!

I am constantly shocked by other people, my naivety in life is a constant source of entertainment to those close to me.
Yesterday afternoon whist driving my eldest daughter from school, I asked if I could please have piece of chocolate ( I know, it's a surprise that someone as sweet as me should need it, but there we go!). She undid the wrapper, folded it neatly around the chocolate so I could hold it without getting chocolate on my finders and passed it to me. I almost did an emergency stop, what was she doing? My father always did that for me when I would chauffeur him around. At the time I thought it was kindness but looking back he probably didn't want chocolate finger marks on his walnut dash and leather interior.
Come to think of it I don't recall any of my parents cars ever resembling the state of mine inside.
Then there's our friends who have been together 23 years, always smiling.
She's left him, told him one day, divorce papers arrived the next!! Not only that but she moved straight in with another man....Gasp, shock, horror! Even left the children behind!! (Sharp intake of breath).
Now don't get me wrong I am in no way criticising, I don't know and don't wish to know all the facts, it's just it has shocked me.

Then there's Shirl, after years of wanting a Mercedes sports, she has actually bought one. Last time she went to buy one she came home with a Vauxhall Vectra, that was more worrying than shocking though, lets be honest.

Last night I took Jazz, my middle daughter to watch some of her friends in the school 'Stars in their Eyes' competition. My lady that does was there to watch her daughter too. Her daughter and friend sang a duet based on 'Lucky Twice' and were dressed in a stripey T-Shirts and pretty skirts. These normally shy girls sang in perfect tune, did nice co-ordinated arm movements and it was lovely. I was truly amazed at their confidence.
Oh, but then, there was the star of the show, ten years old singing 'Son of a Preacher Man' that appropriate for a ten year old?
The young man, again ten years old gyrating and grinding his hips like Mica!!
One young lady dressed as Dolly Parton with huge false breasts!! This is all in a Primary School!!! Truly, truly shocking.

And finally this morning I had a forwarded email from a friend, clearly illustrating how she has been the victim of cyber bullying. I was disgusted and not only shocked at it's contents but shocked at how angry I felt about it.

I guess the biggest shock of the day will be when our friends arrive this afternoon after a month in Australia. We've really missed them. We have looked after their Gerbils, Stick Insects and Fish here in this very house. Not once have I wrenched any of them from the jaws of the cat. That their pets have survived will be truly, truly shocking for them.


Maggie May said...

I couldn't have left my kids for any one. That was shocking.
There's a surprise round every corner, I say.
Glad all the little pets survived the jaws of the cat. that's a nice kind of surprise.

Potty Mummy said...

It's something to do with taking people at face value, Frog. It's so much easier for me to face up to things than to deal with the always messy consequences of taking the easy way out, that I assume others do the same thing. Bad mistake...

Rosie said...

I am often shocked by things people say and do and have recently been told to say "It wasn't like that in my day", which at 35 is shocking in itself!

Expatmum said...

I remember I used to wrap the wrapper round the chocolate so that people couldn't eat past that mark!!! Children can be very cunning!

Swearing Mother said...

The pets survived at your house? My friends only ever asked me to look after their fish when they were fed up with them - I could never keep one alive. Is it me?

Anonymous said...

Cyber bullying has to be the most cowardly act doesn't it. Pathetic really when you think about it - a very sad individual sat behind a computer thinking he/she is clever when really they're just, well, pathetic.

Rant over!!

You want to see the state of my car. I found an old chip down the side of the seat the other day. Most like a McDonalds one.

Crystal xx

She's like the wind said...

False boobs at Primary school! I thought that was hilarious, not sure our school would allow that LOL. xx

Elsie Button said...

i loved the fact that Shirl went off to buy a mercedes sports car and came back with a vectra!!

Funny Frog, I have given you an award...

Frog in the Field said...

Maggie May, it's a biggies isn't it?
Ah Potty, me too.
Poor Rosie, it only gets worse, I can assure you.
Expat Mum, you have a very good point...I shall go and beat my daughter directly!
Thank you Swearing Mother, we are true champions of pet sitting indeed! (Bloody miracle!)
Only one chip Crystal Jigsaw? Believe me, that's nothing, you should see what three girls can do on one journey.
Hi SLTW, I know, I know!
Thank you Elsie, 'tis (sadly) true about the Vectra.
Thank you for yet another award...are you stalking me?

Pig in the Kitchen said...

oh a shocking rollercoasting time for you FITF. the smiling couple that have crashed bizarrely give me hope; so if you argue with your husband does that mean you stay together?! ;-)

Iota said...

Tesco is selling padded plunge bras for 7 year olds (according to the Times online). That shocked me. I would have hated the school event you describe.