Monday, 21 January 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

It's Monday isn't it?
Can I just say aaaaaaaagrgghhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhhh!
That's better.
Ok, apart from my car having a puncture (oh no..more tyres!), me ripping the pocket on my Driza Bone on the stupid seat lifty upppy handle in MIL's 2-door Fiesta (argghh!!), and number three daughter crying because of her dress, tights, shoes, jumper everything is fine.
Oh, and I forgot, everyone refused to get out of bed.
I threatened to sing, so they all scrambled into bed with Darling Husband.
He didn't want to get up either because it's so windy and wet, so they all elected to stay in bed all day with Dad.

"OK, let me make this QUITE clear you are ALL getting up, you are ALL getting dressed, and I am leaving in half an hour with all of you - UP! NOW!"

A herd of dainty elephants charged the landing and flattened the bathroom door.

Daughter No. 3 cryed becasue we've run out of Cheerios.
Daughter No. 1 wasn't hungry (she usually eats like a very big bellied thing that's very ravenous)
Daughter No. 2 was NOT happy because she hates her school trousers (now she tells me)

Daughter number one has been very unwell and needed a blood test. I didn't inform her of this until we were in the nurses room. She is really terrified of needles and was not going to give blood very easily. This probably stems from her firm belief that she is a vampire, I mean, they don't exactly give it away do they?

MIL was not saying any of the right things to daughter No.1 about blood tests. That's all I'll say. I was extremely stressed and fit to burst.
That and saying 'what?' because she won't wear her hearing aid.

My laptop refused to Boot Up until this afternoon, I can't find the form for No.3's school intake and she's 'moved' paperwork from my desk with quotes on.

Deep breaths, never mind the glass, I'll just take the bottle thanks.


rilly super said...

frog in the field, I hope you cheered up your daughter with the 'that's very nearly an armful' line upon seeing the nurse with the needle dear.

I am informed today is the most depressing day of the year so it can only get better from here, well for you anyway, bad news for those of us trying for the 'tragic lives' shelf in WH smith of course, sigh

Expatmum said...

I am feeling like the cat that got the cream as it's been a sort of bank holiday here in the US of A - Martin Luther King Day. Didn't get up till 8.30am despite the fact that hubby had gone to work and my 4 year old was up doing goodness knows what. (He has two older sibs who are supposed to keep an eye on him!) Given that we've had a three day weekend it'll be like being shot out of a canon tomorrow morning though!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

oh I veered between empathy (the clutch has gone on my bus and i'm bus-less), worry (about daughter), confusion (is it MIL who wears the hearing aid or daughter?) and agreement; a bottle of wine will just about hit the spot.
To repeat what I've just written to you on my blog:
Calm calm, you are near a babbling brook, a sexy man is ladling clotted cream into your mouth and all over your slim, sexy body...

Yeh, I stopped at that point on my blog too.
Hope that has cheered you up, feel free to carry on the fantasy in the privacy of your own blog...;-)

Potty Mummy said...

Wow, love Pig's images...OK, back to reality. I CAN top your day Frog, but won't steal your thunder as it sounds like you had a nightmare Monday. But at least we all know now who the miscreant hearing aid wearer is. Or thought I did until I just read Pig's comment...

She's like the wind said...

Hope today is an improvement on yesterday. I sympathise with the hearing thing. I used to be exhausted trying to give the children into trouble, stop my mother from puttin her tupence in and having to repeat to Granny what the commotion was all about!


Sparx said...

Whoa... I'm reasonably speechless here. Glass of wine in the bath for you at the very least - if, that is, you can't make Pig's fantasy come true!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

A typical Monday then. It's not easy getting up when it's still dark outside. I don't blame your daughter for not wanting to have a blood test. It's the most horrible experience ever!

Crystal xx

Jonny's Mommy said...

Ugh...My Monday stunk so bad I couldn't comment until Wednesday. So glad I stumbled over here from Sparx's blog because I was looking for an excuse to laugh out loud while sitting at my work station, pretending I am doing very important things that affect world events and the like.

Potty Mummy said...

Sorry to hijack your comments box Frog, but just wanted to let Jonny's Mommy know I've been trying to leave a comment on her blog re: the toddler eating thing and have been unable to. Wordpress and I just don't get along... Won't bore you with the full thing but in brief J's M; you are not alone.

There. Thanks Frog!

Frog in the Field said...

Thank you Rilly, light at the end of a tunnel. They couldn't get a drop let alone an armful!

Thanks for visiting, Expat Mum, but clearly you will upset me leaving comments about the wonderful day you've had..hmph!

For goodness sake Pig, you're just confusing everybody, it's the MIL who's DEAFFF!! (I quote- "Not deaf, just can't hear properly", give me strength).
Bus? Are you subbing as a bus driver? Shall I start a Pig in S**t fund for you?
Clotted cream, handsome man, have you been spying on me with Google Earth again??

Thank you, SLTW, I'm so glad someone understands me.

Sorry Sparx, just be thankful Pig isn't swearing as well!

Crystal, it would help if they could get a tiny drop though, me thinks she's a stoney creature!

Nice to see you Johnnys Mum, but laugh out loud? How could you? Actually that happens to me a lot, you don't think it has anything to do with what I say do you?

Potty Mummy, you know you are always welcome to butt in whenever you like, just make sure you know the conversation we're having, I can't cope with e-deafness too!

mgma said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog, Frog. Love your style too!
Best of wishes from the Northern parts of London Town

elizabethm said...

Come to you via Pitk and love your blog too. sounds like one hellish monday. Mine was pretty awful too but now we are at thursday and things are looking up here so hope they are for you too.

Elsie Button said...

Dear Frog, did your week get any better?

At least the sun is out today!

Potty Mummy said...

Frog, I hope this Monday was better... Oh yes, it was. For a change I have an award to hand out - no prizes for guessing who to...

Frog in the Field said...

Ooh! Thanks PM
No Elsie B it didn't! Thanks for visitin Elizabeth and mgma, I'll make sure I've made shortbread next time you're coming.

Omega Mum said...

Award waiting for you.