Thursday, 20 March 2008


It's my Birthday.
I'm having a tea party tonight, as is the tradition in Darling Husband's family. There will be my adorable Godson, my champion friend (the one at whose wedding I cried recently..sniff!), my great friend Charlie (wonderful) and my lovely in-laws (no, really).

Here's two entertaining true stories, no I don't make them up...who says living out in the sticks is boring?

Jazz, middle daughter arrived home and announced that Sam Bevan wasn't in school today. "His sister came into the class and told teacher that Sam wouldn't be in because he'd been bitten by a goose and didn't feel well"

No sympathy was shown by anyone, the whole class including the teacher dissolved into hysterics, as did we when we heard the story.

Here's a true story from my niece who studies at Cardiff Uni:
Her friend Tom got a call in the middle of the night.
"Quick!! TOM!!, I've caught the leprechaun, come quick!!"

Tom: "you've what?"

"Quick, I've caught him and I don't know what to do with him. He can't get away, I've locked him in the cupboard, it's the Leprechaun, I've caught him, QUICKK!"

Tom drove to his friends place, just in case.

His friend was curled up on the kitchen floor, asleep and somewhat intoxicated, front door unlocked.
There was a chair wedged against the cupboard door, preventing it from being opened.
Tom moved the chair and opened the cupboard.
Inside was a very vertically challenged man, also intoxicated.
As DM would say OHMYGOD!!!

There is a moral there somewhere I'm sure.


Milla said...

loved what clicking on the tea party thing brought up, or would do normally, but ill and weak. Fab cake.Have a great day. Came here by following the bizarre Littlebrowndog / Tattie mix up. Sometimes just appalled at own dire nosiness.

Potty Mummy said...

Mix-up? What mix-up?

Happy Birthday Frog!xxx

Maggie May said...

That was hilarious!
Mind you, when I was a small child, I was terrified of some geese that used to chase us spitting & hissing out venom! (almost).
The wee leprechaun story was funny!

Renae said...

Oh, I adore this blog! So glad I found you. Will plan to visit often :-)And it is true - truth is often funnier than fiction!


LittleBrownDog said...

So does that make you a Pisces or an Aries? I see you're on the cusp. Both hilarious and intriguing. Would love to have been a fly on the wall the following morning.

Happy birthday.

PS So pleased to have found this blog - strangely, the road I live in is called Frog Lane. And I once wrote a poem called The Blog of the Dog in Frog Lane.

Jonny's Mommy said...

As a vertically challenged individual I am offended by the Leprechun reference. But also laughing so hard my side hurts.

Nice to see you back in the blogging world.

elizabethm said...

I love your cake and adored the leprechaun story. That must have been a very special drinking session.

GoneBackSouth said...

Thank goodness Tom's friend phoned him or the wee man could have been in the cupboard for weeks! Happy Birthday Dear Frog.

Frog in the Field said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Milla, try a glass of this.

Thank you Potty Mummy, can I offer you a top up?

Welcome Maggie May and Renae, glad you like my Posts, I'll just crack open another bottle.

Hi Little Brown Dog, what a fab address, can I make it my Registered office? I'm a Pisces (just), red or white?

Hi Jonny's Mommy, sorry to make you ache like that, are you driving? Great, here, it's a grenache shiraz, nice and warm.

Don't stand in the doorway Elizabeth M! Have a swig of this (hic!)

Expatmum said...

Have you ever been nipped by a goose. It bloody hurts. I would have to stay off school too!

Mean Mom said...

As a 'townie' I have always found geese a bit scary. I knew there was a good reason for it! Love the cake and the leprechaun story. Hopefully, the vertically challenged person didn't remember anything about it, next day.

Frog in the Field said...

Sorry Expat Mum, I know Geese are scary, but it does sound funny!

Nice to see you Mean Mom, don't know the follow up yet, we have another family egg-hunt tomorrow so I'll endeavour to find out more!

Sparx said...

Happy Birthday - what an auspicious day to be born... the equinox must fall on your birthday once in a while too.

I laughed quite a lot at the leprechaun story I'm afraid... I'm dying to know who he was and what Tom's friend said about the event after the fact!

Rosie said...

Those leprechauns get everywhere!! Happy Birthday!

the mother of this lot said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Easter and thanks for visiting!

Grit said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes! Did you eat the cake?

rilly super said...

happy birthday frog in the field

actually, geese are rather fierce. I once encountered some in the road whilst out for a stroll ( I was out for a stroll, I don't know what the geese were doing there) and had to wait for somebody in a car to arrive and give me a lift fifty yards up the road to pass the blasted noisy things

Anonymous said...

Sorry to arrive late - Happy Birthday (belated!).

Geese are nasty little beggars, I don't care for them at all.

Crystal xx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

ha ha ha! Did no-one else think of bird flu when talking about the goose??!!
hope you had a lovely birthday.
I want one of those furry cakes.

dulwichmum said...


I do hope that you had a super birthday dear chum.