Saturday, 28 February 2009


Unless this is the first time you've read my Blog you will be quite used to my heights of stupidity and the daft things that go on in our lives at Camp Frog.
I am currently the Chairperson of the Friends association at my eldest daughters' lovely school. When I took the post on I tried to dissuade the committee because I felt I wasn't sensible enough, but here I am, voted in.
The first meeting I Chaired was very scary, I had no Agenda to refer to, just some previous minutes. I was glad to be able to draw on my improvisation techniques learnt in Drama at college.
I was asked to contact a Professor of Glaciology (is there such a thing?)to confirm the Lecture she will be giving at school. I felt a little concerned that no-one seemed to have actually ever spoken to her. Thank goodness for Google, I say. I found her, she's coming, I've even spoken to her, now comes the problem of what do you give a Professor of Glaciology as a Thank you gift? A scarf? Heck it's a tricky one.
Then there's the matter of our Ball. Our new Head desired a Ball in the marquee after Speech Day.
Hurrah! thought I.
Oh no! As Chairperson I have to organise it.(OHMYGOD!)
Not only that but I have to attend it!!
Darling Husband will have to come with me (no you can't wear your John Deere waistcoat)
Now I am a Frog with very little brain, and had no idea where on earth to start.
Cue the help of four fab ladies in the know, proper private school parents, ones who no doubt already own a number a ballgowns. I doubt my fuschia Hunter Wellies will cut it...even if I do scrub them clean!

We've had very civilised meetings in the Bursars office, and kept in touch via email.
I managed to email a fashion agent in BlackHeath instead of one of the lovely ladies to confirm a table booking, phew, could have been embaressing on the night.

The Head Chef has presented us with sample dishes for the Ball, all yummy, but one served in a peculiar way and I was not sure how to explain I wasn't happy with it.
Bursar "You think it looks like dog poo don't you?"
Me " Erm, yes, can't we have it served in ramekins?"

Next meeting we have a wine company coming in to let us taste their wares.
As Dulwich Mum would say, 'What a hoot!'.
My one relief is that I don't have to stand up and say anything at the Ball, I just can't let people know how daft I really am!
So, can anyone lend me a posh frock?


Working mum said...

I'm taking your experience as a warning to steer clear of my daughter's PTA. I'm so impressed that you are actually doing all of this!

Lindsay said...

I would give the Glaciologist an ice cream as a present!

Many years ago Husband was co-opted onto the Parish Council and then immediately elected Chairman and I, in my absence, was "told" to be the Clerk. Husband had a difficult enough time learning the job without being thrown in at the deep end. We were soon to discover the rest of the Parish Coucnil just melted away and did nothing. I absolutely hated being the Clerk - endless paperwork. So - very good luck with the PTA!

Hannah said...

your worried about your frock?? I'm coming as your guest - thats even more worrying! a trip to monsoon beckons!

Anonymous said...

And you are doing all that on a voluntary basis??? I'd be wantig a hefty pay check, or payment in kind of one sort or another!

Iota said...

Blimey, it does indeed sound like a full-time job.

Expat mum said...

Ooh, you should get someone to run you up something like the one in the picture. Lovely.

Adventure Mother said...

I think they have picked the right person for the job myself!

Mean Mom said...

No wonder you're not blogging much! Our loss is their gain, apparently.

Posh frock, fuchsia wellies and dog poo? Sounds great. Can't wait to read your post about this one!

Hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Impressive! That's a full time job in itself!

Kitschen Pink said...

If you need some help just let me know next time you're tasting wine. I'm more than happy to step in for you. No really. No trouble at all. Just mail a case to me and I'll sort it for you. t.x

Arcadian Advocate said...

Just found your blog.. what a laugh...
oh those school days of the young [thankfully over now] and the jobs we take on..
Thank you for bringing it to life

me, myself, I said...

Been there, done that, as they say (and Im never going back..!) - in so many ways I miss the earlier years (my girls are young adults now!) BUT PTAs and such like are not something I miss at all..!
Bon Courage, as the French say..:)

Sparx said...

"...can we have it in ramekins?" !

My walks in the park will never be the same again...