Monday, 20 April 2009

The Marvels of Gastronomy

The average Brit can cook ten dishes without resorting to the aid of a cookbook or online recipe - that’s the verdict of a new study into the nation’s culinary habits which suggests that many of us are more comfortable cooking foreign dishes than standard British classics when it comes to dining at home.

The “Great British Home-Cooked Menu Survey’ commissioned by UKTV Food, asked 3,000 respondents to reveal the staple dishes which they can prepare without the aid of a cookbook or online recipe.

The top ten dishes that Brits can make unaided:

1. Spaghetti Bolognese (65%)

2. Roast Dinner (54%)

3. Chilli Con Carne (42%)

4. Lasagne (41%)

5. Cottage or Shepherd’s Pie (38%)

6. Meat or Fish stir fry (38%)

7. Beef casserole (34%)

8. Macaroni Cheese (32%)

9. Toad in the hole (30%)

10. Meat, Fish or Vegetable curry (26%)

Well that's it then, I'm most certainly above average, I can make all those!
Jeepers, I must be a rocket scientist!
Can people really not cook these days?
Should I boast I can also make the following without the aid of a safety net or recipe?

Ice-Cubes - Darling Husband once berated me severely for buying such an item during Pimms weather and so I took it upon myself to become an expert in their preparation.

Toast - I even slice the bread myself!

Bread - ah, yes, all home-made in this house.

Tea - Glengettie, boiling water, a smattering of milk and sugar, et voila!

Scrambled egg - drop one box of eggs, sieve then whisk with a spot of milk, yum! (Serve on home-made bread made into toast)

Baked Beans - Get Darling Husband to open the can (it ruins one's nails!) and instruct daughter to stir slowly over a medium heat.

Cheese and Crackers - perfection with a nice Shiraz.

Pimms! How could I forget the Pimms! - slice the cucumber, strawberries, forage for fresh mint, pour in tall glass and top up with cold lemonade - scrumptious!

Boiled Eggs - oh I do a perfect boiled egg, with the aid of a timer even, gosh how clever!

Cupcakes - weight the eggs, add the same weight of flour and sugar and butter...instruct 5 year old to stand with the electric mixer for some time while I file my nails then whack in the oven in gorgeous paper cases, easy peasy!

So that's another ten and I haven't even begun to tell you the culinary classics I can conjour up!
Cheese on toast..
fresh fruit salad....

The increased culinary confidence is also reflected in the fact that men and women would now appear to be on almost equal terms when it comes to home cooking – women can make 11 dishes unaided, compared with men who can make nine, representing a seismic shift in the traditional male/female roles over the course of a generation.


Iota said...

My trademark dish is eggy bread, also known as French toast or gypsy toast, I believe. I don't need a recipe for that.

I can pretty much make a pumpkin pie without a recipe now. Are you impressed?

Frog in the Field said...

Iota, anyone who agrees with every word I say never fails to impress me (gloat).
I love eggy bread.
Darling Husband had an unfortunate experience with pumpkin pie, so I'm not too keen on the idea.

Potty Mummy said...

OK, first off, WEIGH the eggs...?

Secondly, what kind of an unfortunate experience could you have with a pumpkin pie? I think your public have a right to know, Frog.

nappy valley girl said...

I am no Nigella but I can do all of those, except toad in the hole. I'm not entirely sure how to make a Yorkshire pudding actually.

Is that a terrible confession?

Mel said...

Oh goody I can do those and apple and raisin muffins, do I get a Michelin star?

I really hope to pass on my skills or lack off to the kids so they at least learn how to open a can of beans and place contents in saucepan and place bread in toaster, combine both to make one serving!

Ooh, Jacket potato, open microwave, enter potato weight, press start, grate cheese and apply liberally!

Love it!

Guineapigmum said...

Apple crumble! Don't forget apple crumble. And hten there's my mum's shortbread recipe - 1, 2, 3. 1 of butter, 2 of sugar 3 of flour. Or was it 1 of sugar, 2 of butter... Or maybe 2 of flour. OK, you get the idea.

rosiescribble said...

I have to admit that I'm a dreadful cook. My mum is a dreadful cook, and I expect her mum was too. I wonder what my daughter will be like? Maybe I should try and break the chain!

Frog in the Field said...

Yes Potty...weigh the eggs.
Put them on a scales (in their shells) and then all other ingredients should be the same weight...perfecto!
My Auntie B told me the secret and she's always right.
I shant discuss the pumpkin pie, it's not that exciting...and no I never want to try it thank you!

Hi Nappy Valley Girl...Yorkshire puddings? easy, go to Waitrose and buy Aunt Bessie's..perfect! (I do make my own though my friend always uses Aunt Bessie) do get a Ribbit, I cannot award Michelin stars, I am yet to be ordained with that professional capacity.
But..the Baked potato..I forgot those, put in the Rayburn (when lit) and forget to get them out for lunch, fossils for tea!

Guinea Pig Mum you're really going to have to get it right...we may have a test on this later!

Hi Rosie...I'm speechless, you simply cannot confess to such a thing, withdraw your statement's all just a question of remembering you put something in the oven.

Laura McIntyre said...

Im a terrible cook but can make most of those dishes from memory.

I make a mean chocolate mallow pie but thats about it in the baking department. I blame my over, its her fault .