Monday, 28 December 2009

The Frog Christmas

Well, it was certainly a different Christmas.
It was our first one without MIL, so the whole family wished to be together. Now, with the amount of people that involved, careful thought was required.
One BIL was taken very ill just before Christmas and we had to knock the altogether plan on the head, he needed peace and quiet. He stayed home with wife and family.
One BIL is huffy so we all ignore him.
One BIL was to eat with his sister and family.
My sister and BIL stayed at their house avoiding all relations (and very wise too).
Shirl and 'Whotcha! mate!' were snowed in, in their tiny Kent residence.
So I was to cook lunch just for the Frog family, one sister in law, two Aunts and two Uncles and one brother in law.
Although there were 11 of us, we had to consider that BIL eats more than most families put together so I catered for 15.
Christmas morning was bright and sunny, snow covered the garden and fields, it was lovely!
SIL brought all the family china and silver for us to use, just for the day and she came armed with home-made Plum wine, a bottle of fizz and a Christmas Pudding she made with my children a few weeks ago.

Our biggest crisis was terribly serious.
We heard a scream.
Howls followed.
The teenager burst into the kitchen saying the youngest Frog needed me.
I rushed to her yelling to the teenager(in a delicate and ladylike manner)...'What's happened?'
The teenager didn't answer.
She couldn't speak.
There were tears in her eyes.
My goodness...what was I going to find?
Youngest scrumplet had used the loo and wriggled forward to get off, when her paper hat from her cracker slipped from her little head and landed in the water!
Middle daughter was crying laughing.
Little scrumplet was howling, tears streaming down her cheeks, and between sobs screamed..'IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!'
The teenager hid outside the bathroom trying to compose herself.
I managed to placate the poor little thing with magic kisses and my paper hat from my cracker and escaped from the bathroom before I burst into laughter as well.

Youngest daughter was given a present to open to placate her.
It was Astronaut Ice- Cream.
She was quite puzzled and then pointedly said:
"Mummy this present isn't a very good one for me because I don't want to be an Astronaut when I grow up!"


zooarchaeologist said...

Must get the hubby some of that Astronaut Ice-cream...

Sparx said...

Sounds like it was a Merry Christmas despite the lack of much of the family - or because? Hard to say. Ours was v quiet until we went to a wedding in France. Am now exhausted and half a stone heavier - hey ho! PS, Charlie would have been insensible with sorrow had the hat-in-the-loo incident happened to him, I do sympathise...!

Tattie Weasle said...

I do love the literal sense children have - such a shame we gorw out of it! Sounds a great Christmas! Happy new year!

Mignon said...

This is the best Christmas story ever!!! So funny...Happy New Year my Dear.

TheMadHouse said...

Arnt children just so wonderful. Seems like just another day for me!! Thannks for popping along to my blog, look forward to seeing you more and reading your blog too

Iota said...

Oh but I was looking forward to hearing about Shirl's antics.