Thursday, 6 May 2010


I've been tagged by Singlemummy to write a few things I get grumpy about.
Now I could go on for ever, I suspect so I'll reign in my moans a little and just write the required 7.

1.Shirl - my mother annoys me like no-one else.
Just for once I'd like a present on my that's been bought for the occasion, not won in a raffle or from a car boot sale, one I actually like and that's in date (if supposed to be edible.
I'd like her to phone when she says she will and bother with her Grandchildren who I don't think she knows very well anymore.
2. 'Wotcha!' - Shirl's boyfriend. He's racist, gets things stolen to order from his old workplace (like wheelbarrows, printer paper, bags of cement) and is generally a rude self-centred man.
3. And of course, I agree with Singlemummy: people who cant be bothered to man up and show who they are when being rude and bitchy. It's deplorable, if you don't like what you read, move on somewhere else. I don't like Eastenders so I don't watch it..simples!
4. I'm annoyed my last Blog post didn't show the headline:
"Deceased Father's Ukranian Ex-Wife forces sale" no wonder no-one found it funny!
5. No hot water when you want a nice long soak in the bath..grrr.
6. The Librarian at the Teenagers school - I don't like her book recommendations and I don't like the fact she hasn't spoken to my daughter since I complained about her asking my daughter to read a book with sexual abuse in it..vile, vile, vile.
7. Me...I sometimes say things without thinking first sometimes and cause offence to people. (grimace)
I eat too many biscuits.
I don't tidy my bedroom enough.
I don't Blog enough with some of my lovely friends.
I'm always very tired because I don't sleep well.

Grumpy nominations:
Potty Mummy (lots to grumble about in Moscow I'm sure)
Millenium Mum (she does a fantastic list)
Belgravia Wife
Mel Trevelyan
Muddling ALong Mummy
London City Mum

Please visit their fab Blogs, so many very talented ladies!


Hayley said...

Awesome list!!!

London City Mum said...

Frog - thanks for the tag, will start to whittle down my VERY long list now, so may have something to post soon.

And your Ukranian blog post DID make me laugh - if you clicked on the photo you got the full view. I was just too crap to leave a comment about it.

I want to see a photo of the latest glazing endeavour!


Tattie Weasle said...

No hot water when you want a bath - that has to be tops in my househols or maybe it's the person who hogs it all before hand????

Potty Mummy said...

Like LCM I too clicked on the full photo, laughed and forgot to comment - sorry. As for my grumpy list, I can't think WHAT you're talking about! Life in Moscow is one long summer's day, you know... (Am writing the post in my head at this moment!)

Belgravia wife - sort of said...

Oh Frog - you know that lunch ? It just turned into a very long lunch....firstly my younger son is a touch eccentric, he loves his natural history, flora fauna & creatures. He saw me reading your blog the other day and thinks I have a friend called Frog - he is over the moon !

Secondly just compiling this list in my head had made me feel about 15 years younger, thank you so much for the tag I will try to edit the phone book I mean slender selection of minor irritants ! Thanks xx

Sparx said...

Oh, thank you Frog, thanks for the chuckle and the link and not least, thanks for the excuse for a rant, always welcome!

Mother Hen said...

Hi Frog- Grumpy is a good one. Mine this week was Guilt. Have a look if you fancy it.
I look at your party bags and really wish My teenagers were still little and wanted to actually put stuff into bags. Your would be nice. X Mother Hen