Thursday, 8 July 2010

Gently Does it...

Why I've woken up so early this morning beats me!
I feel so tired I don't know if my head is on the right way round!
I'm venturing out of the field this morning to go to London and I was looking forward to it, but this morning I have trouble looking at anything at all!
Even the dog (why is it in the house??) is unimpressed at my early rising.
I don't leave the field too often, Darling Husband misses me terribly when I do (nods to self convincingly) and I worry that he'll have a proper lunch (checks fridge for steak and sausages).
I've put the bread maker on, he'll be delighted at the noise this early...having nice floorboards throughout the house means it looks lovely, but every sound leaps forth into sleeping ears. Every tiny movement has an exagerated sound this early, no matter how gently I do it.
There was no bread flour in the cupboard so I had to go into the utility room to get some.... which means I had to open the creaky door with slightly broken latch that also sticks and clonks when opened.
I paused.. nah! no-one heard that... the dog frowned at me.
I frowned back... why is it in the house??
(My dog, Fruitcake is outside where dogs should be).
I stepped over the tent, dog, camping chairs and some unidentifiable objects that my lady-that-does has obviously given up on and got the bread flour (Waitrose you know, sniff) and brought it back into the kitchen.
Blimey! The teenager was 'cooking' last night while I was in my office, 'clearing' is not an ability she yet has I notice.
I have to get the scales out of the cupboard to weigh the flour...the cupboard that has a very strong magnet on, the cupbaord that makes a thunk noise when you open the door..bugger!
The kitchen scales were too far to the right and caught on the one closed cupboard door, the door caught the stainless steel slidey thing (that I use to adjust the weight) and made the sound of a Gatling Gun against the grooves marking each weight, while the metal dish on the top clanged to the floor!
I froze.
Did anyone hear that?
No sound from upstairs, except for perhaps the bristling with annoyance I sensed.
Hmm..perhaps a train before I get lynched would a good plan, where are my Jaguar keys?


Expat mum said...

I have four floors of wood and a basement kitchen. You wouldn't believe the noises that carry. You can almost hear yourself changing your mind.

Mother Hen said...

I bet when the husband and children are up early (it does happen sometimes) they don't worry about the noise they make. Why do we?? We are such nice moms. I always get annoyed when husband gets up really early, 5:30am and opens front door to see if the paper has come yet. We have reindeer bells attached to our very old front door and they make a lot of noise. AND our paper boy is 16 and not likely to be anywhere near our house at 5:30 in the morning.
Hope you had a nice time away.

Lou said...

Although I too make quite a bit of noise in the early mornings..... I am utterly outshone by the Rooster who couldn't give a toss that humans are sleeping...' Cock-a-doodle-doooooo!!!!'

Elsie Button said...

glad you got away without having to face a tired/grumpy person!

i am always ranting to everyone that they must be quiet when the girls are alseep in bed but then i (accidentally) end up making far far more noise than anyone (they never wake up tho).

and yes, why is it that early mornings everything seens so much louder? x

Millennium Housewife said...

You know that waitrose shop? It sells bread ready done, it'll even slice it for you. Or has that yet to come to the North...
Having a nice old time catching up with you froggy x

Frog in the Field said...

North?? I'm not in the North!

Cass said...

Why is it that the quieter (is that a word?!) you try to be the louder you seem to get!!