Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's almost here...

Friday is almost here, OK, OK, so I'm no where near ready!
I had to learn to plough yesterday (sad, but true).
And I had a lot of emails and phone calls to get through, but really I'm just procrastinating.
The Birthday Cake is in the oven as I Blog and smells good.
I've got to make some Chilli and a few puddings, some bread and buy some cheese, that will do, I think.
I think the thing I most dread is what my Mother (Shirl) will give to Sophie for her Birthday present. Last Christmas she gave her book and cd from a pound shop. The choir on the cd murdered every Carol and after one song it was quickly disgarded in favour of Bear Necessities.
Last year there was a second hand Readers Digest book of Nursery Rhymes, printed in the late 70's and had another childs' name badly written in it.
Oh and I forgot about the Bin Liner of second hand videos from a car boot sale, all of them pirate copies.
What did I get for my Birthday you ask?
Well obviously it was a very special Birthday. My husband surprised me with diamond earrings, my mother with an Asda carrier bag containing cheap red wine (£2.75) and a box of reject chocolates from the Tobacco Warehouse in Belgium.

Other presents include:
a Terrys Chocolate Orange that was four years..FOUR YEARS!! out of date.
a pot of Honey ("Wellll, I thought it would come in useful, y'knowww")
a small vacuum cleaner that we discovered she'd won in a competition ("It was very expensive, Darling")
some rubber gloves and clean o pine ("well, I didn't know what to get and I knew you'd use it") All spoken in Barbie tones!

I'm terribly, terribly spoilt by 'Shirl' and so are my children!


Iota said...

So she doesn't read your blog, then.

Does she really speak like Barbie? Wow.

You HAVE to let us know what she gives Sophie...

Tattie Weasle said...

There's one in every family! But she'll not spoil the day and you will have a fab time! We did The Boy's 4th B'day in March and up against all the other Mummies - terrifying! But once the kids were all having fun I just joined in with them and strange as it may seem so did a lot of other Mums - broke down a lot of barriers and found a couple of kindred spirits!
Good Luck!!!

elizabethm said...

oh dear, I thought we had the worst presents of all time in our family but we are nothing compared to yours. hope you and sophy have a great day and that all the mums love your bath.

Elsie Button said...

oh dear, that did make me chuckle though! am dying to hear what she gave sophie now! hope the party went well...

Frog in the Field said...

Dear Iota, no she doesn't read my Blog.
When I say she speaks like Barbie, I may be exaggerating. Close your eyes and imagine a mutton dressed as lamb aging female, paid to answer the phone in the opticians in their best telephone voice and red stillettos.
Thanks Tattie Weasle, the party went well, no-one seemed to mind the chaos.
Thank you ElizabethM, but you are supposed to come up with far worse presents, you're not making me feel any better y'know!!
Hello Elsie Button, I too am dying to know what my mother will be giving Sophie for her Birthday.
So far we've had a pound shop card...that's phone call, no present, no visit!! Phew, perhaps we've got off lightly this year!

Potty Mummy said...

Dear Frog,
not sure it competes on the cheap as chips stakes but my Mother in Law once gave me one of those containers for plastic bags that you hang up in the kitchen for my birthday. And even worse, it had a stuffed animal toy head on the top. Two choices here; either she knew I would hate and gave it to me anyway - or, even worse - she thought I would like it. I hate to say it but think it was the latter...

Frog in the Field said...

Potty Mummy, you poor thing, but then I'm so glad not to be the only one who gets given rubbish!

dulwichmum said...

OHMYGOD! Our mothers could be sisters. I once got a pack of batteries, some stock cubes and clothes pegs - in a brown paper bag!

Frog in the Field said...

DM, poor creature, how we have suffered. Incidently, were the batteries in date?