Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Taking Stock

I don't quite know what's going on this morning.
Fruitcake (the dog) is having an identity crisis, leaping on to the bonnet of the Volvo (great!) and sitting like a cat. Never has she done this before, but I suspect it will be the norm from now on through the winter, it probably is a nice warm place to sit after the school runs are over.
I have been very busy with orders this week and have taken to leaving the warehouse door open. Fruitcake (said dog) seem to have decided it's time she gave me a paw and brought a few of my most expensive plush toys out for me. Very sweet of her, but now they are covered in mug and dog paw prints. Darling husband brought it to my attention asking "is the dog meant to be packing an order for you?".

Adam, the milkman arrived. He tends to yell hello!, march in and put the kettle on.
Sometimes muttering " nearly out of coffee, I see" , often he comments on the mess in my kitchen. This morning he sat down for a few minutes to give us the benefit of his wisdom on life, the universe and the weather. I am fanatical about product testing and the milkman has been used to test animal radios for me, today he started inspecting my racing car kits. "ooh, can I have one of these? Ah, better not, I'll be in trouble with the wife,.... I'll build a little bit of it each time I come in, can I have my own area to build it?"
Why is it like this here? It's madness.


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely let Fruitcake help you. Gives dogs a purpose in life.

Crystal xx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

Your milkman is far too fresh, he needs to be banished to the end of the drive where he must leave his milk. The dog is barmy...but perhpas only growing into his name?
good luck.

Anonymous said...

Glad our milkman doesn't do that - he arrives at 5am. And will you have a fruitcake shaped curve in the Volvo bonnet by the end of the winter, I wonder?


Self employed mum said...

Madness is good....well sometimes, glad to hear you're busy. x

Elsie Button said...

gosh you have a very close friendship with your milkman! i have never ever seen ours! lovely though - friendly country folk!

Potty Mummy said...

Milkmen? Oh ladies, you don't know how lucky you all are...

Elsie Button said...

where have you gone frog? come back!