Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Catching Up

I've been very busy with everything, Thanks for the nudge Elsie Button, it's nice to be missed!
What's been going on over there I hear you ask, well, it has nothing to do with the milkman for a start. He's not fresh, but he's just kind of decided we're ok and that he'll have coffee with us every other morning. 'Adam' is in his late 20's and a gadget man. I think we're great entertainment value, and we've become firm friends.

I have visited my lovely grandmother, try to do this every Monday but often fail. She is brilliant, not deaf, no failing eyesight, a great sense of humour, but a little wobbly and so she's confined to the downstairs of her home. This grandmother is not one of any wealth at all, in fact she's the complete opposite to my Paternal Grandmother. She lives in a small Council House, I love going to see her. Often one of my aunts or uncles will be there, I think there are around 15 of us with a doorkey! Last week my Uncle Tony told me a very funny story about his friend, apparently it's absolutely true.

His friend has a very large dog, and sleeps in a nightgown (the man, not the dog). His wife woke him up and said she could hear someone outside trying to get in.
He crept downstairs in his nightshirt and tip toe'd up to to the glass front door.
He bent forwards to listen intently for a burglar...
The dog rushed up behind him and stuck his cold wet nose right up his night shirt (and into crevices hithertoe unexplored by a canine) making my Uncle's friend jump through the glass door in shock. He had lots of stitches and the dog is recovering well.
I've been to 10 School Christmas Fairs in the last three weeks.
I haven't been lying on the sofa watching ER re-runs, but standing there watching lots of children rummaging my products round and round the table, while their parents say, "Oh, isn't that sweet? Algernon of course knows that Father Christmas doesn't exist, here Algy, have another £20 to just keep quiet, and don't worry if you knock anything at all on the floor!" Algy is, of course a possessed child that wants to hope there's no hell either. He talks in a moronic monotone voice using only the most minimal amount of words possible...'want that..MUM!!'
Most of the children have been absolutely delightful, beautifully mannered and condifent, confident even.

Business has been brisk, thanks to Amazon requiring my presence on their site. I have been very diligent and careful with all the orders and have achieved 100% customer satisfaction rate, with comments like : The image of product was accurate, was of good quality and it arrived really quickly. Would definately use frog in the Field again....until yesterday..ugh!
Someone complained, the postage costs were too high for the product...duh! don't they read these charges before they order? And, is £1.50 really a rip off?
Someone else complained, the car are too small for their price (10cm length at£1.00 each!!).
It makes me so mad, but how does one respond to these comments? I can't really, and I'll just have to re-read the fab comments.

I hope to chat again soon, sorry I haven't visited anyone, I'm thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing from you.


Pig in the Kitchen said...

the dog story is very funny! Don't worry about the bad reviews. I was recently researching a product and trawled through all the reviews. If the majority are good, then you discount the rest. That is my pigly pearl of wisdom for you dear frog.

Elsie Button said...

those reviews are maddening - i am fuming on your behalf. what absolute tossers.

great dog story! and great to see you again!

Self employed mum said...

The dog story is hilarious!

Glad business is doing well, I sell on ebay and have had comments about postage etc. You tend to find it's the people who have never done/ordered online before that say these things and they don't realise how it affects your reputation. Don't worry, your doing a great job.


Potty Mummy said...

Like everyone else, I loved the dog story, and like everyone else, don't listen to the moaners. Surely to get any complimentary comments at all is fantastic, as people usually only bother on those sites if they are disgruntled?

dulwichmum said...

Lovely Potty Mummy,

I tried for ages to leave you a witty comment yesterday, over and over, but my internet connection kept crashing, so I eventually opened a bottle of Chablis and sulked in front of Eastenders. I loved the story about the dog, but it left me feeling very strange about dogs and their large wet noses... I am so glad that your business is thriving. Soon you will be rich and own all of Wales!

Tattie Weasle said...

I thought you were incredibly restrained with that dreadful boy tho' it did make me laugh as did the Dog story!
Crossing fingers that this will be a lucrative time of year - sounds like everything is going down a storm...wish my dog was as helpful...

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I have to agree with everyone else, that dog story is fantastic. I imagine it's been told a million times and quite rightly so. I should imagine the nurse who put the stitches in was quite amused too. Thanks for sharing it, made me smile this morning.

Crystal xx