Sunday, 9 December 2007

The final curtain

I've 'done' my last Christmas Fair, I'm shattered.
All that brushing my hair (well, actually I don't have to do that anymore, a quick blow-dry and it's perfection!) ironing clothes, wearing matching socks and smiling at people! Working from home is so much easier, I don't have to be anyone, it's my service and product that's important.
But, at a Christmas Fair, you have to don the smile, not swear at children who break things, and horror of horrors....I'm expected to eat all those bloody awful Mince Pies from Tesco and sip glasses of the most disgusting cheap red wine, thinly disguised as 'Mulled wine' and appear awfully grateful for such top tucker! What is it with these people? They obviously know nothing about wine, why would you want to spoil a perfectly good one with spices and heat it up? I don't get it at all. I met a teacher on maternity leave who makes beautiful handmade Christmas Cards. She teaches at the local Haberdashers Pre-Prep. Poor thing, she nearly died of shock when she saw another Primary school and the type or parents walking through those doors! I thought it would be nice, there's a lot of nice new housing in the area and the school is brand new and beautiful, but..Phew! was scary. The three quarter length 'jogging' (by the average size I would say this is the term for the style and not purpose) trouser and trainer ensemble was very prevalent, put that together with the slicked back hair style and overly aggressive expression and you'll get a pretty good picture of what it was like.
The gentleman making the tea wore a black vest with gaudy rolled gold chain and had a number of overly decorative tattoos all over his arms and uncovered shoulders. His hair was nicely arranged in a ponytail and he was slightly overweight and ill-washed looking. I was too scared to ask for a cup of tea.
But I have to say everyone was quite polite, oh, apart from the boy who came over, mouth crammed with a lollipop..he slurped the confectionery from his chops and declared he'd just been sick..... I grabbed my things and left.
It's back to the anonymity of my keyboard and telephone, where I can smirk at customers with strange names and not worry that I'll get caught!


Potty Mummy said...

'Overly aggressive expression' - no further explanation needed Frog, what a great turn of phrase.

Well done for making it through, I hope it was suitably rewarding and just think; it's not long 'till Easter. Think of all those egg fillers you can sell along with those attractive painted card shells... (actually am not kidding here - I suspect some overly-weight concious mums might welcome a respite for their kids from all that chocolate! Self not included, obviously...)

Frog in the Field said...


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Sounds like it was extremely scary! Eating Tesco mince pies must have been the cherry on the cake.

Crystal xx

Pig in the Kitchen said...

God, the stress of mixing with the hoi polloi! You have earned your Christmas break. I hope you didn't smirk at my name when I ordered!

Elsie Button said...

haha oh dear, what an experience! and what a shame you couldn't even have a cup of tea, for your efforts! hope you did well though. I was looking at your website and was thinking of ordering some things...

by the way, i am a sucker for mulled wine - used to hate it, but love it now!

Iota said...

I'm with Elsie on the mulled wine. I don't think I've ever had mulled wine that I didn't enjoy. Maybe you had a bad experience involving mulled wine in a previous life.

Frog in the Field said...

It was scary Crystal, thank goodness I'm so brave!

Pig...would I laugh at you? I wouldn't dare (ahem!)

Thank you Elsie, there's hope for me yet then?
Iota, I've obviously been drinking th erough stuff!