Saturday, 31 May 2008


I just Don't Believe IT!!
Today I received an offer to enter a competition, the winner will receive a Luxury trip to Paris, Wow!
Runners up will receive a pair of Eurostar Tickets.
The competition simply requires me to sign up to a 'Green' Club that wishes to promote healthier living and greener living, such as more composting, less emissions etc. "There are a wide range of things, from simple to life changing, that you can do to reduce your impact on the environment."
Oh, but hang on, am I missing something or is travelling abroad not contributing at all to our eco-problems?

Last week I saw a man win £100,000!! Wow!
It was a fantastic prize and although I didn't see the whole programme, the final task, to clinch the dosh, was to drop a pea (yes, a pea) into a wine bottle??##!!!

What's going on?

In a local paper is the story "Flying Mattress brings city to halt".
Now, this really happened!!
A mattress 'fell off the back of a vehicle', and became wedged under a Fiat Punto. "Two ambulance crews were called to the scene where the mattress was eventually freed from the car tyres"
In case you're wondering, it's doing very well, it'll obviously take some time to recover but should spring back fairly quickly.

What is going on?

Then there's the farmer's wife on TV saying that her Bull is the biggest 'cow' in the world.....How can a Bull be a cow?? Cows are girls, even I know that, and that lady is a proper farmers' wife, indeed she's probably a farmer...pfft!!

Darling Husband has just collapsed in hysterics..."listen to this!"
Apparently a man has arrested in Australia because he was driving with two cases of beer on the front seat, firmly kept in place by a seat belt, and his Toddler in the back seat, wearing no seat belt whatsoever!
He obviously didn't give xxxx!!

And why is it?? Hmm, say! It's good question, one I just heard on the radio.
Why, when you open a can of Evaporated Milk, is it still full?? Surely Trading Standards would have something to say about this?

I've said it before and I'll say it again...will someone please take me back to my room?


Working mum said...

As a child I thought they made evaporated milk by boiling it in a kitchen and then collecting it as it ran down the walls because that was my only experience of evaporation!

PS I've managed the curtains - see my latest post - I hope I meet your standards!

blogthatmama said...

I could drop a pea into a wine bottle with a bit of concentration, I'm sure I could. I'm going to spend Sunday afternoon googling for million pound prizes for idiots competitions and entering them now. Perfect!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I wonder about the people who do enter these competitions. Do they actually win anything? Or are they just unconsciously subscribing to a lifetime of unwanted emails and junk mail.

CJ xx

Frog in the Field said...

Working Mum, you had a very sheltered childhood.

BTM, let me know if you find any!

Hi Crystal, this was on prime time tv!!!

Expatmum said...

Oh tee hee. I've never heard the evaporated milk one before. Made me giggle it did.

GoneBackSouth said...

That last line made me laugh most! I've never understood why evaporated milk exists. What a pointless food. Or is it a drink?

Karen said...

LOL - thank you Frog in the Field...I have come back from spending a busy half-term away (in Monmouthshire in fact) to being stuck at home with a horrible cold, a poorly foot, a pile of washing and a pre-schooler. This is just what I needed to draw a smile. Don't let anyone send you back to your room...please 21stCM xxx ;-D

Lindsay said...

No do not go back in your room! You make me laugh out loud. I have been inspired to start my own blog. My childhood dream was to marry a farmer . . . . . . . I married a telephone engineer - he rang my bell and we never get our wires crossed!

adventure togs said...

Well, I was in the Indian on Saturday night picking up a take-away and watching them cook when lo and behold, I saw some Evaporated Milk being added to a curry!

Thank you Frog for dropping by my blog and your comments.

Grit said...

we use evaporated milk in barfi recipes. absolutely lethal.

Frog in the Field said...

Well Thank You ladies!
Erm Grit, I'm sure I'll regret asking, but what is a barfi recipe?

Grit said...

barfi is a sweet; you boil up sweetened milk with sugar and things like almond or pistachio. but because each little mouthful probably contains something like 3,000 calories, we make it on very special occasions and limit its intake, mostly because of its immediate effect on the child brain... it does, however, make an excellent home-made present.

Elsie Button said...

well... i think that evaporated milk is under-rated...

Hilarious post Frog!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

The world is indeed insane. A pea into a bottle?

Mean Mom said...

Wow! I clicked on the bull link. That certainly is a load of bull!

Mean Mom said...

Sorry! Me again! It's my birthday (7th June) and I'm having a 1950s virtual birthday party. You are very welcome to call by if you have the time!

Maggie May said...

Things never cease to amaze me! I just don't believe it either.
Evaporated milk? Ugh!

Potty Mummy said...

Are you sure it was a pea and not a pee?