Thursday, 31 December 2009

On the Plus side....

The nights are drawing out again...yes they are, and we'll have lots of lovely snow in the next two months and then Spring will be here.
Dust off the sledges and buy a warm hat!

Both Christmas Cake attempts were unmitigated failures.
On the plus side, the birds had some very nice nosh while the heavy snow covered up the worms.

The extending handle with attachments received for Christmas was a tad disappointing. One attachment is for darling husband to clean his tractor windows without having to climb onto it and the other looks like a rather large toilet brush.
On the plus side, if the house across the valley need their toilet cleaning, I can do it for them without leaving my kitchen.

Shirl has now arrived at her country residence with 'wotcha mate!'
On the plus side, it will give me new Blog fodder (watch this space).

Pictionary proved to be quite a volatile game yesterday with nieces. Tears and tantrums and scribbling out were all par for the course.
On the plus side, it did distract them from noticing ants crawling across the ceiling above their heads.

The Antworld space habitat for ants hasn't proved to be the best present this year.
An aunt took middle child to get ants from the greenhouse but it seems the ants the aunt found were the wrong size ants because they all escaped out of the air holes.
On the plus side, they did leave their eggs behind.

Happy New Year everyone
May all your dreams come true (slushier than the mushy stuff outside in my garden)


nappy valley girl said...

Happy new year to you too Frog. Hope it's not an ant-i climax....(sorry...). x

Tattie Weasle said...

Happy New Year - longing to hear the new blog fodder. Will await with ant-ticipation.....

Mel said...

Happy New Year to all at frog towers

Diney said...

I trust your extending handled brush wasn't all santa left for you?!!!! I can just imagine the expression on your face! Or perhaps it was an ant..ique one?!

Sparx said...

Happy New Year! Maybe the brush could be used to get the ants off the ceiling???

Frog in the Field said...

Thanks Nappy Valley Girl, hmph!

Hello Tattie, following Nappy Valley Girls example I see

Thank you Mel, you too.

Hi Diney, I would say Welcome, but I'm feeling a little sensitive now (sniff)

Good idea Sparx..don't tempt me to suggest anything else.... (twitch)