Monday, 11 January 2010

Picture Perfect

I've been tagged by Mamma Po to put up my fav pics.
I'm not one to put pics of my children on here very often, though I'd love to, because of course they are the most beautiful children in the world, so here's some that are lovely but not giving too much away.
I should say Thanks to Mamma Po but I've just wasted an hour looking through tons of photos (and enjoying every minute).
The one above is the 1st Prize winner in the vegetable model competition at our village show, my daughter is a genius!!

The pic below is of my youngest daughter and my very tall nephew..the biggest and smallest cousins together at a Ploughing match (we know how to have a good time!)

This is one I took while we were having a Birthday picnic in one of our fields last August. It's an awesome picture..(no-one steal it or use it, it's mine). We live in a magical place!


A Modern Mother said...

I am so thrilled to know someone who has entered a vegetable model contest! and won! FAB! Tha taubergine is pretty impressive, mine are always the size of an apricot.

Footballers Knees said...

Great pics, that last one is absolutely stunning.
PS - Who won the ploughing competition?!

Millennium Housewife said...

Ooh party at yours! I'll bring the plough x

rosiescribble said...

That is SO funny!!!

Mamma Po said...

Sorry for the torturous photo questing...;-)

But bravo for picking up the gauntlet. Beautiful pics all. Am particularly taken with the veg pet. Did you cook it afterwards? (Always thinking of my stomach, me...)

Sparx said...

Great pics - so stunning that last one, no wonder you've watermarked it.