Monday, 11 January 2010

Whot's bin goin' on 'ere den?

I went out for an hour to visit a beautiful New Born scrumplet called Lara Jade (sigh!)
Before I left, I put the yorkshire puddings in the oven with strict instructions for them to be served with the roast Beef, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, swede and roast parsnips 20 minutes later.
The table was laid, dishwasher on, worktops clear and spotless.
When I came home all the dinner was gone, no-one had left a plate of food for me (huff!).
The table was a mess of plates and saucepans, as were the worktops.
Smallest daughter was running round in her pyjamas with suspiciously greasy hair, grinning insanely.
"Why has the scrumplet got greasy hair?" I demanded of my husband, two other children and my brother-in-law.
Smallest daughter yelled goodnight and went peeyawng!upstairs.
"Um, well she was happily running round with the colander on her head, none of us remembered the roast potatoes had been in it" said Darling Husband
I walked into our sitting room... OHMYGOD!!
Den monsters had landed and been very busy.
The room had been transformed into blanket city.
Our lady that does was coming in the morning and she would have a fit..also how was she supposed to clean anything?

Once the children had been beaten and sent to bed, I dismantled the rather large den, which measured approx 6 meters x 4 meters, so, fairly impressive as far as dens go.
It was built using the following:
2 x 70cm high Christmas Wicker Cones
2 x Antique Dining Chairs
1 x Kitchen Dining Chair
2 x Bar Stools
6 x Large feather cushions
2 x small feather cushions
10 x blankets
1 x large cardboard box
2 x trunki's
1 x Laundry Basket
1 x Antique Cupboard (cleverly incorporated by opening it's doors)
1 x Adult Dressing Gown
1 x Claret Chenille scarf (used as a luxury hammock for a toy cow)
1 x miniature sleeping bag (for the Gruffalo- what do you mean what's a Gruffalo?)
1 x Didgeridoo
oh, and a riding hat!


dulwichmum said...

What a lovely tale! Shall I send over the au pair to do a spot of damp dusting sweetie?

Frog in the Field said...

Would you sweetie?
You are such a dear friend to me

Muddling Along Mummy said...

I love that I'm not the only one who leaves with a set of instructions for OH to follow and returns home to the battle of the Somme !

Am impressed you own a digeridoo though !

Frog in the Field said...

Doesn't everyone own a didgeridoo?
Gosh how strange!

A Modern Mother said...

Ours do the same thing, using bits of furniture as well. Board games. And sometimes they sneak in snacks.

Tattie Weasle said...

Of course everyone has a didgeridoo! Sounds a very impressive den I am in awe but I won't be telling the boys...