Tuesday, 12 June 2007

ADPS in Men

I was at a party on Friday evening in Bristol. It was a beautiful evening, very pleasant. We all donned our best frocks. The newly engaged couple looked very glamorous (a rock of a ring - hmphh! I can't stand being outdone!) The sun set over the fields, children raced around and I enjoyed watching mine from the marquee-covered patio. Then I saw him, our eyes met across the dance floor. I decided, to hell with it, I'll make the first move.
I picked up my young daughters' large toy cat and walked slowly across the room.
Why are you wearing pyjamas and carrying that large toy dog? I asked him.
Are you, too suffering from ADPS?
The tall, dark, handsome man was even wearing bedsocks. He had no children with him.
And do you know, he looked at me with the toy cat, as if I were mad!


dulwichmum said...

Are you sure they were his PJ's? Not just those dreadful check "pull ons" from the Boden catalogue?

I bet he thought he looked dapper! Ah well. Good for you. One day he will look at a photo and realise.

Frog in the Field said...

Dear DM,
These were blue PJ's with small white checks, but they didn't resemble even the worst Boden "pull ons".
I think he must have gone all out in the George section at Asda...the toy dog was quite acceptable though.
I enquired with my dear cousin today about the said clothed male, funnily enough he's single, can't imagine why...