Friday, 8 June 2007

A.D.P.S. All day pyjama syndrome

ADPS was being discussed this morning.
I was happily on my way home after the third morning school run thinking how fabulously lush the countryside is looking today. I passed two vehicles, must be rush hour! Suddenly I couldn't believe me ears, Mothers dropping their children off at school, still wearing their pj's! Even if I had pj's I wouldn't wear them to the school gate, that's for sure. Not only to school, but these mothers actually get onto buses and go to the hairdressers lie it? Why anyone would get a bus to the hairdressers I don't know!


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Ah, you clearly don't own a pair of the lovely Cath Kidston floral pyjamas like i do...definitely suitable for the school run, and also for a relaxed cocktail party. Pair them with a pair of stylish sky-high wedges and you're laughing.

Yeh, i'm with you, pyjamas are for inside the house and for at the most a quick dash to the gate to put the bin out. Preferably in the gloaming.

Anyway, got sidetracked, I came over the bridge to say, have just opened the party bag box! it all looks lovely and sparkly and my soon-to-be-8 year old is buzzing round me in excitement!
So thank-you v. much!
have a lovely weekend,

dulwichmum said...

You know I really like the sound on those pj's by Cath Kidston, and I am off to order a pair forthwith!

Frog in the Field said...

PJ's sound very fab, where can I get some.
Only trouble is my daughter will steal them.... true I do wear her jeans.
I've just been into Blackheath to a samples sale, I always buy tons, this time I only came home with things for my daughter!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

You wear your daughter's jeans? I am now thinking that the Cath Kidston Jammies will not come in a size small enough for your slender frame. I'm also rather jealous of your svelte body and will not eat the truffle i was about to eat. If you see what I mean.

The pyjamas are here:

Frog in the Field said...

Well, my daughter could just be enormous! Ouch, she's beating me!