Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Friends for Tea

Miss C. came for tea today. She's a lovely, very confident 8 year old, Mum works in the city, Dad farms, one part time Nanny.
She was really well behaved, even when Sophie bit her sister (Sophie's sister) very hard, she remained calm and did not attempt to join in the fight that resembled a Christian and Lions. I couldn't quite see what was going on, as I was trying to have a civilised conversation with a gentleman interested in buying some of my husbands' Aberdeen Angus Cattle. After apologising for the noise and removing Jazzie's arm from Sophie's teeth, the naughty step was implemented and toys tidied up. They ate tea without dropping any on the dog (v. disappointed) and had a nice time. Dad turned up to collect Miss C. She refused to leave, ignored eveyone for half an hour, and then walked up to her father fists clenched, screamed how mean his is to her kitten and then stomped into the car. It was almost the most amazing strop I've ever seen. The timing was perfect for ultimate dramatic effect, if a little irrelevant to the situation.
The best strop Miss C. threw was three years ago when she was 4. Jaz kept bouncing on the trampoline (as you do) and Miss C. wanted her to stop. Eventually, hands on hips, she shouted "Jasmine, my Nanny will not tolerate such behaviour!" Poor Jaz didn't have a clue how to react and wisely stood very still and quiet hoping to become invisible.
She'll be famous one day, no doubt about it.

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