Monday, 4 June 2007

Half Term Heaven

It's over, Thank goodness.
The holiday, the chicken pox, the what are we doing now and constant 'what can I eat' fades like a bad memory.
I haven't been blasted by My Chemical Romance yet today(affectionately known by my darling hubby as My Chemical Toilet Brothers).
The oldest daughter was v. lucky. Because of chicken pox I didn't get out the house and to the dry cleaners with her school blazer until Saturday (14 mile round trip). I went to collect it and found the shop closed, luckily my loud but ladylike swearing, attracted the attention of the manager walking down the street. He galantly opened up and returned the said blazer. She was lucky..
The best bit is my cleaner has been in today..I can see the floor in the living room again, she's my very own household cavalry.


AntiScam said...
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dulwichmum said...

Sweet Frog!

I have just realised who I share my house with!!!

Thanks for that!


Drunk Mummy said...

'My Chemical Toilet Brothers' - brilliant! I can't wait to use that one around my daughter!